Why am I Having Back Dimples?

Why am I Having Back Dimples?

Several changes in body shapes are associated with the beauty of a lady. You might have heard about face dimples that may look charming to certain people. But today, we shall see what are back dimples, or dimples of venus (an informal name of back dimple mainly comes from Venus, a Roman goddess of beauty.)

If you’ve ever seen a woman with dimples on her lower back, have you ever wondered why that’s such a turn-on? It’s because when she bends over and exposes this particular body part, it is an indication of her femininity.

A woman’s back dimples signify softness and smooth skin, and they’re like the landing strip for men who love going down on women. And they can make any costume look more stylish.

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Back Dimples

Indentations on your lower back are known as back dimples. The indentations lie right above your buttocks, over the point where your pelvis and spine meet.

Since there are no muscles to tone, you won’t make them appear through exercise. Losing weight, on the other hand, might enhance back dimples.

What Causes Back Dimple?

Most Dimples are assumed to be genetic in general; however, there is no proof. Because there has been little research on the subject, scientists are unsure which genes are associated with dimples. However, the limited evidence implies that dimples are a dominant hereditary trait.

Back dimples are not just a cosmetic concern but also have a psychological impact on a person. These are areas of fat deposition in your back that you can pinch and feel through the skin.

Some people are born with these, but most get them as they age.

Facts and Myths about Back Dimples

Many myths revolve around back dimples associated with sex life.

Some people believe that women with back dimples have an easier orgasm because they signify healthy pelvic circulation.

Some even suggest that having a partner push on the dimples can cause an orgasm in some, especially women.

There is, however, no evidence to support these statements. Ligaments, which connect bone to skin, generate back dimples, and they’ve got nothing to do with the local blood circulation.

This could be an evolutionary change linked to pregnancy-related benefits, including weight-bearing capacity pelvic stability.

According to some research and observation, men find dimples of venus attractive in women.

Are Back Dimples and Sacral Dimples Same?

Sacral dimples, also called “angel kisses” or “soul dimples,” are small indentations on the skin located on the lower back near the sacrum.

These are a genetic variation believed to be a sign of beauty and fertility. This is because this body area is often where pregnant women show first signs of stretch marks. It is believed that these are a way for women who may not have been able to carry babies to show off their feminine appearance still.

There are some similarities between back and sacral dimple, but there are also some significant distinctions.

 Both sorts of dimple are typically harmless. While back dimple are primarily cosmetic, a sacral dimple can be linked to a variety of medical issues, which includes:

  • Tethered Cord Syndrome: This term referred condition occurs when the spinal cord and the spinal canal are joined by tissue. This prevents the spinal cord from dangling freely and restricts its motion. Bladder or bowel incontinence and leg weakness and numbness are all symptoms of tethered cord syndrome.
  • Spina Bifida Occulta: This is a medical problem that is relatively mild. The spine does not seal entirely in spina bifida occulta, but the spinal cord remains within the spinal canal. It doesn’t usually cause any symptoms.

Back dimples are on both sides of the lower back, whereas sacral dimples are usually only one dimple, and it’s just above the buttocks crease.

Both forms of dimples are common in newborns.


Although back dimples are usually harmless and included in the person’s beauty, there are many conditions in which there are problems with your bones. If you face any problem linked to your bones, you may need to visit a bone specialist or an Orthopaedic. To consult the best orthopedics, visit MARHAM.PK.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1- Is having back dimples rare?

Back dimples are usually rare and found in women, making them a sign of beauty, luck, and youth. These are present on either side of the spine.

2- Can everyone get back dimples?

Celebrities and fashion influencers have made dimples a fashionable trend. Although certain activities might help make back dimple appear more apparent, they’re a genetic trait that not everyone possesses. Cosmetic surgery can also create dimples to eliminate lower back fat.

3- Can back dimples disappear?

Back dimples may disappear in some people, and however, you may get them back after specific exercises and keeping your body healthy.

4- Can back dimples cause pain?

Back dimples are harmless. However, if you face pain, it may be due to other problems such as joint problems.


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