The real definition of beauty varies from person to person. Beauty for many people means physical appearance. They tend to judge a person from outer appearance and justify it as beauty. In our society, people are obsessed with maintaining clear glowing and flawless skin. The increase in pollution has resulted in several skins problems leading to scars, blemishes, acne and spots on the skin. It could also lead to harmful skin problems such as skin cancer, sunburn etc. This has become an issue of concern to get rid of these problems. Several cosmetic companies have emerged in the market to fulfill the demand for beauty products, and they fail to satisfy consumers. Due to environmental impact, the products are contaminated and impure. To overcome these certain companies promise to deliver natural products clinically approved and tested are available in the market. We should use them after consulting with the doctor to avoid any kind of side effects on our skin. We know that no lotions,no scars cream benefits to removing scars. Here we will discuss the underlying causes behind the scars on the skin.


• FACE: Face is the organ of the center of attraction of our body. As we grow the tissue underlying our skin becomes thinner resulting in various skin problems leading to pigmentation, sunburn and dermatitis. Along with acne, blemishes, scars also form a concerning problem. The scars on the face take more time to heal as our face is constantly exposed to a hazardous environment. The main cause of scars on our face is the result of injuries, burns, surgery and acne. These are formed when the layer of our skin is damaged.

SKIN: Skin is the largest and most exposed organ to the environment. Scars on the skin are the result of accidents, skin problems, diseases and acne. The healing of the skin results in scars. The new layer of skin formed in the wound forms scar which is pale and changes texture. It could be flat in normal cases but in some cases, it forms the appearance of a pit. We can have a scar in the joint areas when the wounds are under healing processes. It forms the appearance of fine lines on the skin. The pregnant lady faces an issue of scars the most as their scars get darker with the growing placenta.

LIPS: Lips are the most fascinating part of our body that tend to have scars varying from minor to major forms. The main reason behind the lip scar is the infection caused in the corners of the lips. Even the hard scrub on lips and in certain cases lip surgery results in the formation of scars. It tends to diminish the pinkish color of the lip making it look a bit dull.

As we have seen what are the causes of scars, we should go for clinical methods to remove acne and scars as the dermatologist would examine the problem and help us to overcome it. Products available in markets are not completely beneficial to get rid of it. So, we should avoid the use of no scars cream use or any other product without consulting a dermatologist.


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