Black Hair Colour – An Insight

Black Hair Colour – An Insight

Black is a natural hair colour for people who live in India. We have natural black tresses and we add depth to them by adding different shades of brown, blonde, red, etc. But it is important to realize that there is no better colour than black. Black can be styled in so many ways that we have never thought about. Nowadays, people who have blonde as their natural colour are going black. Black is one such shade that suits every skin tone, complexion, eye colour, and undertone. Black is an appropriate shade for people who do not know which shade to go for.

In India, elderly people go for black hair dyes to colour their grey hair. For this, they use Godrej Black Hair Colour. It is a natural hair dye that is enriched with Amla, Shikakai, Vitamin E, etc., that strengthens your hair and makes them look conditioned and nourished. The colour lasts longer and treats your various hair issues like dandruff, split ends, hair breakage, etc. Godrej Expert Rich Crème comes in five shades and black is one of them.

As far as black hair colour is concerned, it always remains in trend and gives you a mature look. Black hair looks good with every other hair colour be it in streaks, babylights, lowlights, etc. Black hair is a treasure that needs to be preserved. Black suits every skin tone and they are a girl’s best accessory. Now that you know why you should have black hair, let us walk you through the best highlights and styling ideas that you can try with black hair shade.

Godrej Black Hair – Trends & Styles

Black hair colour is natural and classy. Many hair colours can be blended with this hair shade and all of them will look amazing. Below are the best hair colours that can be paired with black shade to give you a gorgeous look. Have a look!

  1. Black Hair with Platinum Highlights

Flaunt a dimensional look with platinum highlights in your black hair. This hair colour requires minimal maintenance if you have naturally black hair colour. This shade creates an instant texture that will catch everyone’s attention. Platinum shade accentuates your natural hair look and makes it more gorgeous and alluring. Don’t think of platinum as a grey shade. Platinum is a shimmer shade of grey that adds shine and lustre to your locks. Try out this amazing shade now! 

  • Black Hair with Blonde Highlights

Blonde is a go-to shade for every woman. When you are confused about which hair shade to go for, always go for blonde. It complements your complexion and adds a sense of depth and lightness to your hair. The ombre hair colouring technique will go best with this hair colour because it will give a gradient blend from dark to light to your hair. In order to give depth and dimension to your hair, this hair shade is the one. Also, black hair looks best with blonde, so, do try it!

  • Black Hair with Subtle Highlights

When we say subtle highlights, we mean brown. Warm tones of brown are blended with black hair to make it look natural. The brown tones give a tone-on-tone coloration that makes your hair look realistic and alluring. The shade adds shine, lustre, and smoothness to your locks. It is a low-maintenance shade that adds warmth to your tresses and makes them look natural. So, ladies who do not like experimenting much with their hair can go with this shade. Try out this amazing shade now!

  • Black Hair with Chestnut Highlights

If you want to go with a shade of brown, chestnut brown is the one! Chestnut brown is the best way to add dimension to your dark hair. Dark hair always looks good with lighter highlights. Chestnut brown is a lighter shade of brown that creates a beautiful contrast in your hair. This hair shade adds dimension to your hair and makes them look amazing. This shade gives you various shades of brown while leaving your hair. Try out this stunning shade to give your hair thickness and volume.

  • Black Hair with Balayage Highlights

Create an exquisite hair trend with balayage highlights! Dark tresses can still have dimension with balayage highlights. Balayage is a hair colouring technique that adds contrast to your hair while adding to the volume. If you already have naturally highlighted hair, then it can become more evident with this technique. Balayage gives a soft dimension to your hair and looks amazing with subtle waves. This hair colour begins from roots and adds shine while going downwards so that your hair is full of lustre. Turn heads everywhere you go with this amazing shade.

  • Black Hair with Red Highlights

Red is also a shade of brown that adds subtlety and dimension to your locks. This hair colour looks good with both long and short hair. This shade is a stunning alternative to your regular blonde highlights. Red tones done at the ends of your hair reflects light and vibrancy. This shade looks best with a warm skin tone, thereby maintaining the integrity of the hair. You can style the ends of your hair in the form of loose curls or waves. This shade will compliment your natural hair and give you an edgy look. Thus, for an amazing look, this shade is a must-try!

  • Black Hair with Sandy Brown Highlights

As the name suggests, the highlights are the colour of the sand. The shade is neither blonde or brown. This shade improves the overall texture of your hair and looks good with long hair. With this hair shade, you can style your hair in beach waves. This will enhance the look of your tresses along with your entire appearance. For all the dark brunettes, this is your go-to shade to look subtle and chic to slay an event or even a regular hair day. Try this gorgeous shade and elevate your look.      

  • Black Hair with Pink Highlights

Well, this is a colour for all the experimenting and daring women! Pink is not a regular shade like brown. It has much more to it. Black hair with pink highlights is best for a fun and bold personality. It is a loud shade that only a few women can slay. Pink is a flirty and fiery shade that adds volume to your locks. Also, it adds vibrance and when it fades, you get amazingly different shades. This colour wears off after 4-5 weeks, so you can try many other shades if you like. Try out this flirty, loud shade and give some pop to your tresses.

So, these are the best hair shades that will suit black hair. If you have black as a natural shade, you can style it the way you want by adding as many colours as you like. Also, black hair, when styled looks sassy and classy. Godrej Black Hair Colour is used to dye grey hair but you can also use this colour to blend it with different shades. Try out the five amazing shades by Godrej and give your hair the care and colour they deserve!    


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