Is Spectrum phone a good option in the year 2022?

Is Spectrum phone a good option in the year 2022?

Spectrum is an Internet and cable TV juggernaut that you must be familiar with. However, with the addition of home phone services, this behemoth has ventured into uncharted territory. Spectrum was introduced in the year 2014 by Charter Communications as a TV and Internet network. Currently, Spectrum has over 40 million customers in the nation of the US. Spectrum has quickly risen to success with its Internet and cable TV services. However, when it comes to Spectrum mobile, only the current Spectrum subscribers can arrange the services. Therefore, Spectrum mobile has become a niche brand.

If you choose to go for Spectrum services, you can avail of an unlimited data option along with an iPhone SE for only $61.00 every month.

The different Spectrum mobile plans

Spectrum customers can choose either the unlimited data plan or the gig plan. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can opt for either.

Advantages of opting for Spectrum mobile.

  • You get a fantastic unlimited data option.
  • The network coverage of Spectrum is amazing
  • The customers of Spectrum have the option of opting for the by the gig option

Disadvantages of opting for Spectrum mobile

  • You should be an existing Spectrum customer to be able to avail Spectrum mobile.
  • The plan options in the case of Spectrum mobile are pretty limited.

Let’s explore the Spectrum in further detail.

The option of unlimited data

Currently, with so many social media apps on the rise, a phone connection is needed that provides unlimited data. Unfortunately, most plans are incredibly pricey. However, if you can qualify for the option of Spectrum phone, you have good luck. The $45 monthly plan offers unlimited data to the customers. It is also one of the cheapest. Suppose you choose to go for the $45 unlimited data plan. In that case, you can not only avail unlimited data levels; you will also have access to many high-speed hot spots of Wi-Fi, the option of free international texting and calling to specific locations, and a variety of mobile hotspot access. These fantastic features prompt current customers of Spectrum to opt for the mobile plan.

By the gig option

If you prefer to pay only for how much you use, this plan is for you. The by the gig option allows paying for the amount of data they have used in a specific month. If you only use 1-3 GB of Internet data every month, this is the right plan for you. However, if you use over 3GB of data, you will be paying more if you go for this option. Under such circumstances, you should go for the unlimited data plan.

Amazing network coverage

The intriguing part about Spectrum is that they do not have their mobile data network. Spectrum piggybacks on the wireless network of Verizon. There is a massive advantage to this. Verizon currently has the most robust network in the nation. They are even offering their 4G LTE coverage in the rural sections of the government. Thus, if you go for Spectrum mobile, you will have fantastic network coverage wherever you go.

Amazing perks

Most network providers try to skip on the provision of the perks. However, if you are a Spectrum customer, you are lucky because Spectrum offers many additional benefits. One of the best benefits of scope is that it allows customers to use up to five GB of mobile data at full speed. However, once you have consumed your five GB of mobile hotspot data, the rate will be reduced, making it hard to stream episodes of Grey’s Anatomy or download huge files. If your phone supports 5G, you will be able to get 5G coverage as well. Alongside this, you will be able to avail of 2000 international calling minutes to Canada and Mexico, free global messaging, and a Spectrum Wi-Fi network. On the whole, anyone would say that this makes for a pretty good deal.

Disadvantages of Spectrum

The high capacity, low-cost plans or Spectrum are simply fantastic. However, they have their pitfalls and drawbacks. Here are certain factors that can be improved upon.

You have first to be a Spectrum client to qualify for thephone services.

If you do not already have Spectrum Internet at your home, you cannot avail the benefits of Spectrum mobile as well. This is a significant barrier that many potential buyers get stuck on. Even if you meet the requirements, you should consider whether you want the mobile plan linked to the Internet plan. If you choose to cancel the Internet service but want to keep the mobile service, you will have to pay an additional $20 every month, and the Wi-Fi speed will get limited to five Mbps. This is a huge drawback for a person who regularly needs the Internet.

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