How to view files that are on the SD card of the android phone?

How to view files that are on the SD card of the android phone?

The files that are processed on the SD card of an android phone can easily be viewed with the help of the tool file:///sdcard/ which is an advantageous way to view files in the internal storage of their android gadget from the browser. This path gives the user the ability to view the content of the internal memory of the device through the sdcard ///file that is searched.

Viewing from the path file;///sdcard/, however, will not allow making any changes such as deleting files, adding new files, moving the files or apps from the path of file ///sdcard/ that is used for viewing the internal storage of the android gadget. The main benefit of this path is that it provides the viewer with the leverage to detect the path of the file and its position from the browser. The path file: ///sdcard enables the user to gain visual access to the files and the content on the SD card in the android phone.

How the path file:///sdcard works in android phones

The records of the file sdcard can be accessed with the help of a personal computer and the card reader, but to view the same and observe the files on the SD card on the phone, this technique of viewing SD card through the pathway of file///sdcard comes in handy and is an excellent way of viewing such files. To view pictures or videos on the said android phone, it is advised to go through the pathway of file///sdcard/gallery to view it. Many android phones have a preinstalled program of a file manager.

This program enables the user to see and use the files that are placed in both the internal storage of the android phone and its SD card. If any user does not favor this, they can download the Documents app from the google play store. This app enables the user to view such documents through the apparatus they are using. This is one way of employing this app to view the files on the SD card without the help of the path file..///sdcard.

The method to view files on an android phone with the Documents app is as follows:

  1. After launching the program google play store on an android device, the user needs to look for and tap on Files by Google.
  2. The Documents app needs to be launched from the drawer of programs to the phone.
  3. Subsequently, the screen will appear, and upon scrolling down, the user might find their SD card. Upon doing this, the user can also find the files and folders that they wish to get into their SD card.

Thus, with the help of the android phone, the files in the SD card can be viewed in this way rather than the path of file ///sdcard /.

Files can also be viewed through file ///sdcard

Through this pathway, the files on the SD card can be viewed from various browsers that can be installed in the android phone, like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera max, or Opera mini.

The first important thing is to input the browser for the path of file.///sdcard. After this, the files file ///sdcard/index of sd card can be added from the navigation button or the search button. In addition to his, when the folder is input, the information of the files that had been input through file ///sd card/, will be displayed along with their details like the names of the files, date of their creation, and modification weight. This method is only applicable through the path of file ///sdcard/ index.


The means through which this path file///sdcard/ can be reliable and be sued for viewing the files on the SD card has always to be able to have access to the avenues for manually spotting the files on the SD card. This path of file;///sdcard also enables the user to be able to join the manager of the files and thus, gets to know the train of the files.

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