9 Best Survey Apps To Make Money NOW

9 Best Survey Apps To Make Money NOW

The best survey apps will give you plenty of opportunities to earn money. You can get paid for taking surveys and participating in other activities. But you need to choose the ones that will work for you. Some of the best options are Survey Junkie, Crowdology, YouGov, InboxDollars, QuickThoughts, and Swagbucks.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie has been one of the top survey apps to make money for many years, and it offers a wide range of features to its users:

  1. It offers a rewards program that lets users get paid for their opinions. This program rewards you with points for answering a series of in-depth questions.
  2. It offers a system that matches you with the right surveys.
  3. You can see the points and length of each survey before you start answering it.
  4. Survey Junkie occasionally invites members to participate in product testing studies and focus groups.

Although this app doesn’t promise a massive amount of money, it is a fun way to earn some extra cash. According to this Survey Junkie review, they accept various payment methods, including PayPal and Amazon gift cards.


YouGov rewards survey takers with gift cards, posters, t-shirts, and more. In addition, if you refer friends to sign up, you can earn extra points. You can earn up to 200 points for each referral. 

The points you earn from completing surveys will be posted on your account activity page. The surveys are short, and they cover a wide range of topics.


Crowdology is an online survey panel owned by Morar Consulting Limited, part of the Nexus15 group. You can earn money by completing surveys for brands, businesses, and organizations. Once you’ve finished your survey, you’ll receive payment via PayPal or Amazon vouchers.


InboxDollars is a free mobile app. Once you sign up, you must fill out a profile, ready to go. Surveys take anywhere from five to 20 minutes to complete. InboxDollars recommends the best surveys for you, and you can choose which surveys to achieve in any order you like. It will not make you rich, but it will allow you to earn a bit extra monthly cash.


QuickThoughts offers a variety of surveys on various topics. Audio and video surveys are available; both types can earn you money. The surveys are usually between five to 30 minutes long. The average payment ranges from $0.50 to $3. The app is simple to use and allows you to take up to five surveys daily. Once you complete the surveys, you can redeem your gift cards or PayPal payment points.


NCP is one of the best options if you’re interested in making money by taking surveys on your smartphone. This app pays its users points, and you can earn them by taking surveys on various topics. You can also redeem these points for items like gift cards and cash. To start, you need to register with NCP and answer some questions about yourself and your family. This information will help NCP create a demographic profile of its panelists.

Harris Poll

Another great option is Harris Poll, a survey app that pays out with PayPal. These surveys are short and straightforward but can earn you cash. Harris Poll is one of the oldest survey companies, and its data influences the decisions of government agencies. In addition to cash payments, Harris Poll offers rewards like gift cards and entries into sweepstakes.


If you want to make money taking surveys, i-Say is one of your best options. This survey app offers payment through gift cards, PayPal, or direct deposit. In some cases, you can choose to donate your winnings to charity. You can also cash out via PayPal or a virtual Visa account.

You can receive emails containing surveys that you can take. You can earn anywhere from 45 to 200 points for each survey you complete. You can earn up to a few hundred points if you’re screened out of a survey. You must reach a minimum of 1,530 points to receive your earnings through PayPal. This step takes three weeks.


If you’re looking for an easy way to make money by taking surveys online, Swagbucks is the app for you. This app allows you to earn cash for completing surveys, and you can also redeem your rewards for prizes like Visa gift cards or sweepstakes entries. As a result, thousands of survey respondents are making money on Swagbucks.

You can get $5 for signing up and earn PayPal cash or Google Play credit. You can also earn back money for everyday activities, such as watching television shows or surfing the Internet. 


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