Op-eds: A Key to Building a Better World

Op-eds: A Key to Building a Better World

Opinion writing is too trendy nowadays. Many writers are posting their opinion to benefit from its various advantages. Mainly people are using websites and blogs to post. The Doe is a great example of such a website.

Op-eds, short for “opposite the editorial page”, are opinion articles written by an author not associated with the publishing newspaper, website, magazine…etc. 

Opinion writing makes people more interested in some important topics that we experience daily, offering a good balance between facts and thoughtful analysis.

Op-eds generate debates and dialogues, by coming up with various topics. Dialogue is the way r to convince the other party to the contrary, it is the key to convincing others with the right opinion. Meeting and rapprochement between individuals. It also brings people closer together. This is one of the most important goals that an opinion writer should be looking after.

A writer will supply the readers with a steady stream of huge ideas and exciting arguments. In other words, such posts can be exciting and challenging too. The research found that op-ed pieces had large and long-lasting impacts on people’s views in both the public and policy experts. Opinion writings help both writer and readers to see a lot more worth in themselves and think of themselves in a much better way than before.

Opinion articles not only contain opinions but also should include strong facts and why not to carry some pieces of evidence.

Opinion writing makes you a better thinker. It helps you to communicate with clarity. You will be able to discover how much better you can be in life when you practice this type of writing.

Op-ed will give you the courage to reserve the right to share any political or social opinion with others.

Writers will write without fear and introduce readers to new insights and ideas. Especially that we have many voices in our world, that plays a role in creating a good environment to discuss sensitive topics. Readers will be exposed to considering some new points of view outside the comfort zone.

The goal of an op-ed is to provide an opinion. It is never a news analysis or an evaluation of others’ points of view. It requires a clear thesis, backed by evidence, to make a persuasive argument.

It is always better to avoid the passive voice. Write declarative sentences. Delete useless words and try to show a tone of confidence because it will make a huge difference.

Make your article stronger by asking reader’s questions and answering them in advance

Always offer the other side’s strongest case.  This will make your case stronger and will let you earn the respect of the reader.

A reader will always be happy to learn something new from an op-ed. Make your best so that you can impress the readers by showing some unique information.

Keep in mind that the best op-ed is the one that moves directly to the point and is usually made up of around 700 or 800 words.


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