Expert Javascript code protection from Appsealing

Expert Javascript code protection from Appsealing

JS frameworks were first implemented only on the client-side of the browsers, while invited

much trouble in client-side rendering. In recent times, it is been embedded in host software as

well and on the server-side of web servers to reduce the pain and the trouble. This initiative has

also paved the way in pairing JavaScript with SEO practices so as to enhance the search engine value of the webpages written in java.

Ways to optimize and protect javascript:

  1. Making the JS pages visible for search engines:

Robots.txt file offers enough crawling opportunities for search engines and blocking them would make the page appear different for web crawlers. Thus, search engines cannot gain complete user experience and Google may consider such actions as cloaking. It is important to render all the resources for web crawlers to see the web pages in the same manner as that of the users.

  • Testing the website:

Though google to able to crawl many forms of JS web pages, some of them seem more challenging than others. Thus it is important to test the website to predict possible problems and mistakes and to avoid them. It is important to check if the content on the webpage appear in the DOM. Few web pages should be checked to ensure if Google is able to index the content.

  • HTML Snapshots:

Google still supports HTML snapshots, though it suggests these as elements to be avoided. These will be important at instances if the Search engines are not able to grasp the JS on the website. Returning HTML snapshots to search engine crawlers is better than the content being rejected altogether.  However, only do so in cases where there is currently something wrong with JavaScript and it isn’t possible to contact your support team.

  • Latency of the website:

When a browser creates a DOM with HTML document, massive files exist on top of the document and all other information appears later. It is important to lead information that is crucial for the users first. The most essential information should be on top of the fold to avoid site latency and to make the website SEO friendly.

How Appsealing helps with Javascript protection:

For business success, the websites have to ensure that the audience is able to access and read the content. For easy accessibility, Google has to rank the pages on top of the search engines. There is ample technology to ensure that the website looks great. But if the search engines will not be able to access that content, then web visibility will drop too many folds. Thus, SEO needs to work and adapt around the limitations of technology so as to enhance visibility and traffic and for business profitability.

Appsealing is a leader in rendering expert app security solutions and it creates apps that are SEO friendly with the help of the JS framework. It is of the kind cloud-based solutions that helps in protecting teh mobile apps with the help of a single line of code. It offers easy to use solution to protect mobile apps from all types of hackers and illegal application modification systems.


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