Why do we Use White Thassos Marble in Bathrooms?

Why do we Use White Thassos Marble in Bathrooms?

No doubt, white marble is an excellent material for bathroom tiles. They are classic and elegant in the true sense. You can never go wrong with a stark white look in bathrooms. In this case, white Thassos marble is the best option to add luxury to your area. Using it in the bath is perfect for any style. Be it contemporary, classic, or traditional.

However, many people hesitate while using white marble. In that case, you need to do two things before that. First of all, you need to protect it with a quality seal. Then, make sure it has slip resistance. With these two areas covered, you can make it last longer. Some marbles can resist slipping. For that, pick the right finish.

Well, you might wonder why people prefer white marble. So, here are some reasons for its high market value:

  1. It’s classic and elegant
  2. They are built to last
  3. Best for shower tiles
  4. Unique in design.
  5. White Thassos marble is waterproof
  6. Easy to clean
  7. Easier to shape
  8. Sealing can prevent staining

It’s classic and elegant:

White marble is a classic choice for bathroom tiles. Whether you use them on the floor or the walls, they have a great visual appeal. This pure white beauty is going to lift the image of your place. Despite having some downsides, it is still people’s top choice. With its shine and elegance, it will add luxury elements to your bath.

They are built to last:

In addition to beauty, these marble tiles are there to last longer. They are not only elegant in their natural appeal. But also, they are strong enough to endure the daily wear. So, after protecting it with a seal, you can make it last for years to come. Also, white Thassos are resistant to moisture and scratches. So, it is durable for bathrooms.

Best for shower tiles

Well, shower areas in a bath look great with white marble tiles. They can handle water and moisture very well. That is why most of us use it in our bathrooms. But, they can be slippery for floor tiles. So, the risk of slipping is always there. In that case, it is better to use these marble tiles on the walls instead of floors. For floor tiles, use any other resistant tiles.

Unique in design:

There is a wide range of white marble in the market. All marble slabs are unique in designs and veiny patterns. That is why tiles also adopt those patterns naturally. Then, the pieces are cut into shapes of varied thicknesses. In the process, they come out unique and appealing. It is due to this quality that white marble is still in demand.

White Thassos marble is waterproof:

As you already know, marble is suitable for most showers and other wet areas. Well, there is some maintenance required if you want to keep your stone looking its best. But, it is possible to make them work. All you need is to seal your white Thassos marble tiles. So, it is waterproof that makes people believe in its application. Make sure to apply a seal for more lifespan.

Easy to clean:

Some people tend to believe that white marble stains easily. Well, that is true to some extent, but that is not always the case. On the contrary, white marble tiles work very well with an extra protective seal. It helps them work efficiently. In this case, white marble tiles are easier to clean and maintain. Also, it is better to get suitable bathroom cleaners for these floor tiles. And the same goes for wall tiles.

Easier to shape:

Marble is porous in nature. Despite being soft, it is strong enough to endure the test of time. Due to this quality, it is easier for engineers to shape them. As you know, bathroom tiles come in various designs and shapes these days. In this way, marble tiles are easier to cut and shape into desirable pieces. Bur, make sure you get the right form with clean grout lines.

Sealing can prevent stains:

If you want to avoid stains and scratches, seal the marble. So, being white is not a deal-breaker. White marble can resist stains and marks with a quality seal. But, you have to be careful with the grout lines. And also use light tools for its cleaning. In addition, you can seal the tiles once a year to increase their life.


White marble has always been the top choice for bathroom tiles. It has a stunning visual appeal. In the same way, white Thassos marble is as elegant as any other white marble. Each tile has a unique look and design. Also, they can be cut into various shapes. These are some of the reasons why people prefer it for their bath area. For the best marble tiles, Nesttile.com is the best choice. They have a wide variety within your range.

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