5 Southern Cities to Add to Your Bucket List

5 Southern Cities to Add to Your Bucket List

As we start to get out and back to traveling and having fun in daily life, many people are pulling out their bucket lists and getting ready to plan new trips.  Unfortunately, if you haven’t updated your list in years, you could be missing real gold!

These are five southern cities that make any bucket list a star, and why traveling to these cities should be a top priority! 

For the Food: Atlanta, Georgia

If you want incredible food at a great price, you need to head to Atlanta.  This city is a southern star at heart, offering comfort foods that would blow you away while helping you remember easier times in your life.  

Don’t just stop at the fried chicken and macaroni, though! 

Atlanta is an incredibly diverse city that offers flavors from around the world in a dazzling array of options that anyone would enjoy.  From the fantastic Ethiopian restaurants to the great Japanese bars and eateries, you’ll find whatever food feels like home to you.

For the History: Birmingham, Alabama

If you want to learn while you vacation and still have a great time, it’s time to head to Birmingham!  Best known for the incredible iron history and massive industrial growth it sparked in the country, this city is wonderful.  Vacationing here is also affordable since Birmingham homes for sale and rent come at very low prices.

Birmingham is one of the best cities to visit if you want to dive deep into what makes America into the country it is while still giving you hope for the future.  

For Partying: Houston, Texas 

Ranked at the top of many lists over the years, Houston is where you should go if you want to party and enjoy the nightlife!  Although most cities only open clubs from Thursday to Saturday night, Houston has a hot spot to stop by every single night of the week.  From classic bars and clubs to incredible experiences unlike any other, you’ll fall in love with the fun you’ll find here.  

For Gorgeous Charm: Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is the most beautiful city in the country, yet many people hardly know it exists.  Here you’ll find endless charm, from gorgeous trees that shade over endless winding streets to historic buildings and fantastic gardens; there’s so much to see.

This is one of the art capitals of the country as well, with students coming from around the world to study.  This means there are countless galleries and cute artsy shops to stop into while you’re here!

For Beachy Fun: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach has been called a tourist town for years, but it’s so much more than that!  Here you can enjoy the endless beaches and rolling waves, get some of the best drinks and fun, and really relax with friends and loved ones in ways you’d usually have to fly to an island to get.  This is the best beach town for anyone who wants a fantastic vacation, and it shouldn’t be overlooked! 

The South Knows How to Excite

There’s nothing like the south!  If you’re ready to travel and make the most out of your trip, consider stopping into one of these incredible cities.


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