Hat etiquettes: The dos and don’ts for fashionistas

Hat etiquettes: The dos and don’ts for fashionistas

Gone are the days when hats were essential headwear for women. Today, these are still in trend, but the reasons for wearing them have changed. You may look for one to protect yourself from the sun, wind, or other elements while having fun. Or, there can be a need to elevate your fashionable dressing sense. No matter what, women can make the most of these humble fashion accessories by being careful about a few things. These are not rules as such but some basic guidelines to avoid any unexpected faux pas. Like someone devoted to style and practical use, you may also not want to find yourself caught up in any embarrassing scene. So, let’s quickly check what to do or avoid with hats.

Fashionable hats can be a part of a regular wardrobe!

Women’s hat styles are as vast as men’s collection or perhaps more. Hence, you get boaters, cowboys, fedoras, and others. All these can be available in fascinating colors, shapes, and forms. You can wear these at home, in the mall or restaurant, or at any cultural event without any hesitation. Some advice that these choices may not be suitable for workplaces or concerts. You may not get the view of the others. At the same time, it can be better to ditch them when you go to a movie theater as a mark of politeness.

Functional pieces of headwear are for a purpose!

You can sport a dressy hat without worrying about the season. But functional hats made for sun protection and such uses need a better sense of judgment. You can use them at the park or a beach destination. For example, you can think of sun hats. Still, you would want to be careful with these. Floppy straw hats can be a typical choice on such outdoor occasions. If you are amidst a sea of people on the beach, remove your large-brimmed hat. Else, it will constantly poke others, which can be extremely impolite. Similarly, if you have a winter hat, you would want to keep it clean of snow.

Hats should reflect you are proud of your ownership!

Generally, men don’t wear their hats indoors as a part of ethics. But this is not relevant for women’s dress hats. They can keep it on even inside. While most people view it as a fashion accessory, the notion of hats as an essential item still has a lingering effect. Hence, you don’t have to do anything. And if you pair them with an evening gown or suit, you should not take them off throughout the event. But you would want to remove one worn for protection from sun or snow. To be precise, the practical or seasonal hats should not enter the main part of the house. It is better to get rid of them at the proper spot.

The fit matters!

Whether you attend a derby, a grand ball, or something else, you would want to keep your hat secured on your head. It will be awkward to touch it every time to ensure it sits quietly there. It can be an unpleasant sight for you and others as well. You can avoid this by getting the proper fit. In clothing and headwear, the one-size-fits-all formula doesn’t work. You have to select an adequate hat size after measuring your head correctly. Since you get multiple choices, you don’t have to worry about not finding the desired piece in your size.

Some hats suit certain facial features more!

Your hat style has to match your face cut to enhance your look. A girl with glasses can choose upturned brimmed designs. Someone with squared jaws can prefer large hats, though.

Fashion hats don’t go with evening gowns!

Fashion hats may not be suitable for formal events, where you have to wear a cocktail dress or evening gown. Your selection of hats has to be very smart and apt. Else, your whole effort will go to waste.

Again, it is critical to remind that there are no specific rules around hat-wearing. It is just that you can get the best impact by coordinating your outfit well. If it matches with any part of your outfit or costume, you have done your job. Easy ways to ensure this include wearing matching shoes and hats or carrying the same-colored handbag and hat. You can also pair it with a jacket or dress. If you don’t want any confusion with your overall appearance, sticking to two to three shades can be the best. You can manage them more efficiently.

There is no shortage of hat styles for women in any sense. That’s why you can find one to update your desired look effortlessly. Whether you want to have a casual, formal, semi-formal, sporty, carefree, or any other vibe, you can tap into different varieties and use your favorite type to meet your goals.

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