The Best Way to Strap Two Kayaks to A Roof Rack

The Best Way to Strap Two Kayaks to A Roof Rack

Kayaks is an exciting and adventurous experience you can take on your vacation. Going out with friends and family can be a lot more fun, and you will have memories to last a lifetime. Carrying two kayaks will help you take more people with you and pack enough accessories and gear for the adventure. 

But before you can enjoy that kayaking experience, you need to ensure your kayaks are safe when transporting them to the shore. You can carry them on your car roof with other items. But you will need a kayak roof rack to do that. 

This post will guide you on how to tie two kayaks onto one car to make transportation possible and easy. You will learn the tips and procedures to follow for successful movement. 

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1. Get the Right Vehicle and Rack 

Vehicles vary in design, size, and carrying capacity. Kayaks are heavy, and you need a robust car to transport them. SUVs are ideal for rigorous outdoor activities. They have more space to strap the kayaks on the roof and higher ground clearance that can navigate through rough terrains. 

Their design also ensures you can carry heavy items on the roof without causing damage to the car. However, smaller cars can also do the job but require more careful strapping. 

The average weight of a kayak is about 40-60 pounds. And if you have two of them, it will be double as much. Carrying them both requires a kayak roof rack designed for the weight. You can assess the weight limit of your car roof rack and buy a kayak carrier that can accommodate that limit. 

2. Get Enough Straps of Adequate Length 

Kayaks come in various sizes, and so do the straps you need to tie them onto the roof rack. Even when you know the kayaks you intend to transport on your car roof rack, it is wise to buy straps of various sizes. You will need them to be able to strap the kayaks in different positions on the roof rack. 

The straps should also be high quality and can withstand heavy weight. If you are not sure about the quality of your straps, it is best to buy new ones. You do not want them breaking while transporting your kayaks. 

How many straps do you need to transport two kayaks? To answer this question, determine how you tie the kayaks. Also, understand that having a few extra ones will help you if an emergency happens. Avoid using ropes as they are not sturdy enough to transport the kayaks. 

3. Tie Your Straps onto the Roof Rack 

Transporting two kayaks can be tricky. A slight mistake can cost you more than just your kayaks. That is why you need to be sure of how you tie the straps onto the roof rack. One thing to avoid is placing your kayaks on the roof before the straps. 

Instead, tie the straps on each crossbar and bring them to the middle. Align them in a position you can reach easily. You will need to tighten the straps after loading the kayaks on the roof rack. 

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4. Load Your First Kayak 

One big mistake to avoid is strapping both kayaks at the same time. It will make it hard to fasten them on the roof. Your straps may also not accommodate both kayaks at the same time. However, the worst scenario is having your kayaks moving up and down or slipping off due to the weight. 

When placing your first kayak on the roof, put it as far as possible from the center of the car roof. You can use two or three straps to secure it in place. Tighten the straps well and ensure they are secure enough. 

5. Place the Second Kayak 

The second kayak should go to the opposite side of the vehicle to enhance balance. You can leave some space at the center, if possible. That will make it easy to strap the kayaks in place. 

When securing your kayak, use enough straps and tighten them well. It is also vital to ensure the kayaks are parallel to each other. That will help in distributing the weight evenly. 

Something to Note 

Kayaks can be dangerous when not transported properly. A kayak falling off the car can injure pedestrians or other drivers. It explains why you must use a roof rack to tie them securely. 

When transporting your kayaks, always drive carefully and avoid sudden movements that can cause them to fall off. Understand the weight limit of your car roof rack and do not overload it. Use enough straps and tie them in different positions. Strapping the kayaks together is not advisable as it may cause slipping off. 


Kayaks are a great way to enjoy nature and the outdoors. If you live away from the water body, you will need a way to transport your kayaks. A car roof rack is the best option, and this guide will help you strap two kayaks on it safely. 

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