Why Co-Living Is the New Future?

Why Co-Living Is the New Future?

Traditional rents in Gurugram, Bangalore, and Hyderabad are not getting accomplishment among the PG seekers. We have seen that people are struggling a lot regarding several issues such as huge brokerage, 2 to 3 months security hassles, lock-in-periods, a long distance from office location, and much more. Last but certainly not least, no freedom of calling your friends, family members girlfriend, boyfriend according to your wish. A working professional can never live in such kinds of accommodation which has nothing but a restricted life. By considering all these factors, the advent of the co-living concept has come up in India. However, this concept has been adhering in other countries for a long time.

The majority of people are looking for accommodation where they get the comfort of home, an independent lifestyle, and hygienic rooms at prices that value money. Unlike traditional PG, you don’t get the small tight rooms but a large fully furnished rooms worth the money you pay.

Co-Living Spaces Offered by SettlIn Gurugram, Bangalore & Hyderabad

Settl brings safe, secure, and fully-furnished co-living accommodations that make people feel like home. These co-living spaces provided by the Settl fulfill your all requirements such as

  • Fully Furnished
  • 24X7 Power Back-up
  • Minded Settl community
  • All facilities are inclusive of rent
  • 24X7 security Guard
  • Regular Cleaning and Maintenance
  • High-Speed Unlimited Internet
  • Laundry facilities
  • Gym Space

They enable you to move into your PG, flat, or apartment within 30 minutes just after the quick move-in audit. Additionally, they offer you flexible tenure unlike others and allow you to live for as short a time as 3 months. Isn’t that great?

The plethora of benefits of living in Co-living Accommodation Than Traditional PG

  1. Co-living accommodations are affordable

In metropolitan cities, rent is a major expense for working professionals and college students. Approximately, 30 to 40% of their incomes go to the rent of their apartment or room. Therefore, if you are planning to pare down your expenses, it’s better to live with a roommate. When it comes to room sharing, nothing could be better than the co-living spaces that serve you with a big spacious room. With Settl, you’ll also save high brokerage charges and don’t need to visit different places to find out the best PG. They help you to find out the co-living PG with 2 to 3 hours that matches your requirements.

  1. Co-living is a convenient mode of living

When you buy an apartment or flat on a lease, there are several responsibilities that capture your shoulder such as setting-up utilities, paying monthly electricity, gas, and wifi bills. The work doesn’t end here; however, you also need to hire a cooking and house cleaning maid. Moreover, if your flatmate leaves the flat, you’ll be accountable for the whole flat and have to look for another flatmate. To address these kinds of problems, a co-living space is the ultimate option.

  1. Co-living has a built-in community

When one moves to a new city, it’s quite complicated to make new friends and you end up feeling lonely. You may not have friends for night-outs and casual talks. According to research in 2019, approximately 30% of millennials struggle with the feeling of loneliness. That is why co-living attempts to address these issues among the people and has come up with a built-in community of people who are open for casual conversations, night-outs, and watching movies and all. This co-living invention enables you to be flexible. For Example- be socialized when you want to and be alone when you want some personal space. Isn’t that great?

  1. Co-living alleviates your financial liabilities

Co-living lifestyle shuns away all your financial anxiety associated with the living expenses to some greater extent by offering shared rooms. All the utility and meals expenses are included in the rent itself and you don’t need to pay anything extra. Even though, the electricity bill will get split between you and your roommate. This not only frees you from living expenses but also gives you a community of people around you.

  1. Co-living serves you flexibility

If you are not ready for a long-term lease, it means you are flexible to live for the months as per your wish. You can leave for 2 to 3 months and analyze whether the environment suits you or not.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, we’d like to say that co-living has finally entered India as well as like other countries. People love this new coming concept and we’d also recommend you to experience this living style. If you are looking for 1 RK for rent in Koramangala without a broker, you can contact Settl which allows you to find out the room on the same day as your call. Let us assist you in finding the 1 RK for rent in Koramangala.


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