Stay Updated With the Latest Cricket Samachar Today!

Stay Updated With the Latest Cricket Samachar Today!

Cricket is easily one of the world’s most well-known and most played games. Even though cricket is a sport that needs extraordinary and unprecedented skills and sportsmanship, that does not mean only professional players can play this sport.

That has never been the case. This game is so widely accepted and played by everyone that very often, the first things that children are gifted with is a plastic bat and a ball, so we can say that this sport is played by everyone starting from kids to adults. It is not uncommon to witness small kids gathering on the streets to play cricket. It doesn’t matter how well they play because, for many, it is less of a sport and more of a socializing and bonding agent.

It is a sport that has its rules, yes, but in India, it is a sport that brings people closer to each other and creates a bond. You might ask how it is possible to create bonds with the help of a game. Trust us, in India, it happens. So, we are responsible for keeping you updated on the latest cricket samachar about the sport that we so dearly love. Here are some of the latest cricket samachar for you!

Latest Cricket Samachar for You Today!

We are back with more trending news stories in the world of cricket and more cricket samachar for you! It is time you lay back and enjoy some of the most trending news.

  1. The Hurdles Don’t Seem to Stop for the Indian Cricket Team

Times have been testing for Indian Cricket due to constant setbacks that just don’t seem to stop. Another setback has come up with the 49-year-old Indian cricket coach, Rahul Dravid, who recently tested positive for the COVID 19 virus, which ultimately means he won’t be able to attend the Asia Cup, which will be held in Dubai. It was confirmed that he was COVID 19 positive during the COVID test that was conducted right before the team’s departure for the Asia Cup.

So, unfortunately, the coach had to stay back. However, in the absence of the coach, his position will be taken by the assistant coach Paras Mhambrey, the 50-year-old cricketer. It is a big relief that all the other team members are fit and healthy and will be going to Dubai for the Asia Cup. Additionally, all the players of the team have left for Dubai already except for the 27-year-old Indian Cricketer Deepak Hooda, 28-year-old Axar Patel, and the 30-year-old vice-captain KL Rahul who will be joining the team soon after completing their assignment in Zimbabwe.

  • This Sri Lankan Cricketer Won’t be Joining the Asia Cup Team

The 30-year-old Sri Lankan Cricketer Dushmantha Chameera will not be a part of the Asia Cup team due to a severe calf injury. The injury is still very fresh since it happened only recently, so it will not heal by the time the team has to go to Dubai for the Asia Cup. However, it feels good to know that this injury might heal soon, mostly by October, when the T20 will be held. In this case, Chameera’s replacement will be another Sri Lankan cricketer Pramod Madushan who is 28 years old.

  • The Absence of Shaheen Shah Afridi is a Misfortune

The 45-year-old Pakistani Cricketer Saqlain Mushtaq, who also happens to be the head coach of the Pakistan Cricket team, said that losing his 22-year-old fellow cricketer Shaheen Shah Afridi due to an injury is a major setback for the team, especially since the Asia Cup is here.

However, he is not losing hope and has replaced the injured cricketer with the 19-year-old Pakistani Cricketer Naseem Shah, who made his debut in 2019 in their match against Australia. Mushtaq also said that it is not easy to find a worthy replacement for someone like Afridi, but it is not like they do not have resources. They do, and they will have to make good use of them.

  • Staying Positive No Matter What Happens is Key- Says Sanju Samson

The 27-year-old Indian Cricketer Sanju Samson has been on the sidelines throughout his career, and he says that it isn’t easy to stay there for such a long time. He, however, says that he likes to have a positive approach to it and not lose hope. The 27-year-old cricketer only played in 7 ODIs and 16 T20s till now.

He said that it is not easy to stand there and watch the rest of your team go out on the field and give their best when you cannot. However, he also added that despite playing on the field so little, he is shocked by how many people follow and support him, which is an unmatched feeling. He also went on to add that the IPL has really changed his perspective towards things, and now he not only looks at his game but also thinks about the rest.

Wrapping Up

So, these were some of the latest cricket samachar for the day! Cricket is such an engaging sport, and this game always has new developments and news. So, it is highly unlikely that we will run out of cricket news to share with you.

Cricket is a religion for so many people, and so many people follow this sport mainly for the teams or even for individual players. Whatever the reason might be, it is worth it.

So, all the important highlights mentioned above are some of the top pieces of news cricket news of various cricket matches that have taken place recently. All these sought-after and informative pieces would have provided you with a wide range of essential information you need to stay updated.

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