Solo Travel Canberra: Top Things to Do in Canberra Alone

Solo Travel Canberra: Top Things to Do in Canberra Alone

Most people outside of Australia think that Sydney or Melbourne is the capital city of Australia. However, even though it is not as famous as the two, Canberra (Australia’s capital city) is a good place to visit. It is home to the renowned National Gallery of Australia.

Canberra is one of the best cities you should visit if you plan a solo trip to Australia. There are also some other nice places to visit, including clubs where you can meet and make new friends. This guide reviews some of the best places you should visit while in Canberra. You might come across some unexpected choices of things you can do such as hiring a Canberra escort.

Visit the National Arboretum

If you love nature and spending time outdoors, you should visit the National Arboretum. This place is home to a diverse range of tree species and birds. You will also come across trees that are more than 100 years old. Some of the tree species are endangered in Australia and other places worldwide.

Take your time as you walk through the nature trails within the arboretum. You will also come across other tourists, and if you are an outgoing guy, chances are you will make a few friends during your time there.

Take a Bicycle Tour

Canberra has some great roads where you can catch amazing views as you cruise through the city. Bicycle tours are quite common if you’re for a cheap yet enjoyable traverse through the city. You can hire a bicycle from different tour companies that offer guided trips across Canberra.

Most tour companies that offer these bicycle tours also provide other amenities such as meals and a support car that carries your luggage. These trips are amazing, especially if you love cycling and spending time outdoors. It is also a good way to get a workout and enjoy what Canberra offers.

Attend Live Music Events

Canberra is slowly turning into a party city, giving Melbourne and Sydney a run for their money. The city hosts some incredible live music events. Live music events are always fun and will always be the perfect place to meet and make new friends.

There is a meetup group where you can check if there are any upcoming events. There is usually live music played by bands or DJs. It is always good vibes for those that love to party and have a good time.

Hire an Escort

Solo travels can be a challenge, especially if you’re an introvert. However, you don’t have to spend evenings locked in your room, lonely, and scrolling through your phone. You can hire a Canberra escort to keep you company during the night.

Professional escorts are a good way to get no strings attached interactions. You can even go for a date night with your escort before retiring to your room for the night. The other good thing is that you can hire a socialite escort who will keep you company without any sexual activities.

Wrapping Up

Canberra is a cool place to visit. It is quite calm and relaxed without any rush you would expect in most major cities.


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