SAT exams- the things to do in the last month of preparation

SAT exams- the things to do in the last month of preparation

By now you may have decided to pursue your undergraduate studies abroad. You would have been already preparing for the SAT exams and would be aware about the last minute strategies. But what can be done in the last month of preparation to ensure that you are way ahead of the competition. With the current era of the pandemic the preparation has seen ups and downs. A lot of people have taken the exam and many would be doing so in the months to come. It would be aware about a couple of things so as to perform well on the big day. This works out to be crucial in working about a SAT score.

The goal would be to minimize the savings, you would be obtaining a test day and the focus is to obtain the test and nothing else.  While undergoing SAT classes in Vashi there are some last minute pointers to be aware.

Sticking to the time section limit

All of us might be aware on how SAT progresses. You could be completing each section, but it has to be within the specified time limit. While taking mock test there is a need  to be following section wise limits. There is no point to be using the break part as a feature of the earlier test and do not cross the time limit.

It is better to stick to the schedule as far as possible. Try to finish it before the specified time limit. It is going to provide you with the self-assurance that you will be well prepared as there would be sufficient time to prepare yourself for the exam. So you may set alarms and ensure that there is someone who is going to help you in preparing for the exam.

Formulate the test day

When writing the essay use pencil and not pen. Do not use the phone and resort to an actual calculator. Phones are not allowed to be used during the exam and it would be a wrong practice to adopt. If you are not having a calculator there is no better time to obtain one. There is no point in heading over to an exam centre and using an equipment which you are not familiar. So make sure that you are using a calculator well in advance and become familiar with the equipment.

OMR sheet

Rather than ticking the answers on a sheet use an OMR sheet. When reviewing, take things in an easy way and no point to become complacent  One of the mistakes which student end up making while appearing for the exam is to fill it up incorrectly. This could turn out to be incorrect and you might end up losing marks. So make sure that you develop the habit of answering the questions correctly  and get things sorted out in order. After about 10 questions take time to go back a and make sure that the answers that you have marked is correct or not.

To conclude these are the handy tips to prepare for SAT exam.

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