Is There a Fee to Renew Agile Coach Certification?

Is There a Fee to Renew Agile Coach Certification?

Training for Agile Coach certification primarily focuses on the mentality, duties, and responsibilities of an Agile Coach. Agile Coach Certification will help students distinguish between mentors, facilitators, professional coaches, and teachers. They will also learn how to create a secure atmosphere for extremely great and healthy conflict resolution in an agile team. As a bonus, the student will be able to teach others how to perform the same thing they’ve done themselves. An emphasis on the interaction between groups and organizations as human systems is emphasized in this certification, which teaches the fundamentals of team coaching and team development.

  • Is There a Fee Involved in Maintaining My ICP-ACC Certification?

There is no fees associated with maintaining your ICAgile certification at any time. Helping people along their path to becoming more agile is the key of this certification. As a result, we strongly recommend that professionals continue their ICAgile credentialing across the various stages of the IC Agile certification roadmap.

  •   Agile Coach CertificationFundamentals

Learn the essential ideas of agile via an approach that is built on attitude rather than methods. The Agile Foundations course with certification is where professionals in software development and delivery should start (e.g., product ownership, DevOps).

  • The Lean Coaching Method

Although it is sometimes confused with teaching, advising, and mentoring, coaching is a unique kind of professional development. Coaching creates an environment that is conducive to growth in both the individual and the team by fostering trust, respect, and fruitful collaboration. An Agile coaching course will focus the majority of its attention on the roles and tasks that an Agile coach is expected to fulfill. Agile is a method for developing software that emphasizes collaboration amongst developers by using teams, and an Agile coach is an essential part of the mentoring process for these teams. As a result, the differences between mentoring, facilitating, consulting, teaching, and coaching are discussed in detail throughout this course. It also provides an understanding of the abilities necessary to cultivate an atmosphere inside an agile team that is conducive to collaboration and problem-solving. Participants are introduced to concepts related to team development while keeping in mind the characteristics of an organization’s team.

  • Skills You’ll Learn

This certification devotes a large amount of its time and effort to develop a knowledge of the professional coaching skills that are required and the need of refining these skills in order to be of assistance to individuals working on agile teams.

  • The Functions That an Agile Coach Should Fulfill

The Coach is Responsible for the Following, and are required to have:

  • Setting Boundaries for the Purpose of Coaching
  • In the Capacity of a Coach Working Professionally
  • The Coaching Conversation: Focusing on Results with Coaching
  • Knowledge and Skill in the Field of Professional Coaching
  • Facilitating the Conversation Regarding Coaching
  • In the roles of Mentor and Coach
  • In contrast to coaching, there is also Mentoring.
  • The Role of the Coach as Educator
  • Collaborative Efforts Within Groups
  • Configuration of the Working Environment of the Team
  • Creating a Schedule for the Team’s Start-Up Meeting and Kickoff
  • The Characteristics of a Team That Is Agile
  • The Role of Coaching in Achieving Superior Performance
  • Managing Team Conflict and Dysfunction Managing Team Conflict and Dysfunction
  • Managing the Challenges Faced by the Organization
  • Getting ready to act as a mediator for a dispute that has arisen inside a team


A person’s capacity to deal with complex adaptive systems improves as a result of this qualification. Coaches and leaders alike may benefit from it. Agile Team Coaches, Enterprise Coaching, and Agility in Leadership experts should take advantage of this extra training opportunity.

However, there are many benefits of distance learning that help different type of learners. You can get into online class to accessible into academics platforms.


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