How long does it take for a root canal?

How long does it take for a root canal?

A root canal treatment is also known as endodontic treatment. It treats the inside of the tooth. “Endo” is a Greek word that means “inside” and “odont” is a Greek word that means “tooth”. Root Canal Farmington Hills provides an oral health care procedure. It is needed when the damage in the tooth has penetrated the outer layer of the enamel and it caused damage to the tooth’s internal nerve. This is done because bacteria enter the pulp of the teeth and cause infection. Root Canal Treatment Farmington Hills provides root canal therapy that is essential to save teeth. 

This procedure includes the removal of the damaged, infected, or dead root pulp, and the teeth are sealed to prevent further infection. Before the root canal treatment, the patient suffers from extreme sensitivity that is too hot and cold. when pressure is applied to the tooth, it may feel painful. An endodontist is a person who specializes in the dental pulp. Root canals are performed by dentists but are generally referred to as endodontists.  Their primary duty is to save natural teeth. They help in managing pain and pain diagnosis. Endodontics Farmington Hills can provide you with qualitative and affordable dental treatment. 

 How long does it take for a root canal?

The root canal procedure’s real length may vary depending on how severe the damage is and how many roots your tooth has. It takes 30 to 60 minutes on an average to complete. Sometimes it may take a long time if it is a complex procedure. The treatment on a larger tooth with multiple roots can take an hour and a half. Farmington Hills Dentist can give a better evaluation of how much time the procedure will take. The root canal treatment can cause pain for some days after the treatment. The pain is not severe and will start decreasing as time goes by.

 A root canal takes a little more time than a routine filling. This is because in this the nerve of the tooth is carved tooth, rinsed, disinfected, and then sealed. One appointment is enough for a simple root canal. But the severe cases may take a long time and even a second appointment. The time taken by the root canal procedure will differ for different teeth types. They are –

  1. Canines and incisors – The teeth that are in the front of the mouth are called canines and incisors. It helps in cutting and tearing the food while eating. These teeth have a single root that makes them best faster and easier. It will take around 60 minutes or more to finish the procedure. 
  2. Premolars – Premolars are located between the molars and the canine teeth. They can have one or two roots. For cleaning these teeth you will need an hour or more. It can take around 60 minutes to complete the procedure. 
  3. Molars – The teeth that are in the back of your mouth are called Molars. This can have up to four canals. In this, a root canal can take a longer time. On average, it takes 90 minutes or more to complete the procedure.

If the teeth require a dental crown, then will take more time, sometimes it may take another sitting to complete the procedure. Another sitting is required so that time is provided for healing the tooth before the crown is permanently placed. Endodontist Farmington Hills restore the tissue inside the tooth in a detailed manner. 

Conclusion –

A root canal is assumed to be a serious treatment but in reality, it is not that painful. It is better to treat the infected teeth or the damaged teeth than to continue it and get it worse. It is always better to be in the dentist’s chair than to be in an emergency room. A root canal can comfort you by removing the infection at its root. By this, you can feel better quickly.

If you feel like you have infected the tooth, then call the healthcare provider. Immediate treatment can help in preventing infection from spreading and lessen the pain. When the treatment is done, proper oral care and habits should be done. The first steps to keeping the mouth in good health are brushing and flossing. The root canal sounds scarier than it is. Dentist Farmington Hills helps in making the experience comfortable, convenient, and less painful.


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