Find the latest movies from all the major industries

Find the latest movies from all the major industries

KTM Movies is a website like many others on the web that provides free yet illegal movies to its users. The film industries, producers, and even film stars spread awareness against piracy and illegal movie sites because these sites highly and significantly affect movie businesses around the world. But despite all these allegations against the sites, the love for movies among the users keeps these sites alive and works actively.

What is KTM Movies?

KTM Movies is a similar site that provides the newest releases to its users. As soon as the movies from Bollywood, Hollywood or even Tollywood are released, you can find HD quality movies on this site without any hassle of finding or downloading.

What are the best features of the KTM Movies site?

KTM Movies is one of the top sites that provides illegal movie copies and provides some of the best features to its users.

  • Users can download the latest movies in HD qualities.
  • Users can also stream it directly on the site.
  • Users can download and stream web series or shows from this site (both English and Hindi).
  • There are no limits to downloading movies or shows per day.

What makes KTM Movies the best site at present?

  • No registration required: Users are smart- even though they are downloading and streaming from illegal sites, they are quite aware of these activities. Therefore they look for sites where they do not have to provide their personal details like emails and stuff for signing up. And this site doesn’t ask for any signing up, making it one of the most desirable options.
  • User-friendly: The site might be illegal and potentially temporary, but it brings one of the most user-friendly navigation and experience. Finding movies of your choice amongst many newcomers would sound a bit time-consuming, but with KTM Movies, it is not.
  • Know recent releases: The KTM Movies site is also a way to know what movies are releasing along with web shows and what movies are about to be released. The newest movies are shown on the landing pages, and you can just download them one by one, and check out the newest movies in the industry. You will also find brief descriptions, ratings, and some screenshots to give you a glimpse of what you will watch or in what quality you will watch.

How to download movies from KTM Movies?

Downloading movies from the KTM movies site is pretty easy. Follow the steps below if you are in doubt or not sure how the site works.

  1. Go to the official site of KTM Movies.
  2. You will find that the site is filled with many movies.
  3. You will find content categorised into sections like Featured, Hollywood, Tamil, Bollywood, Malayalam, Telugu, etc.
  4. After clicking on one of the sections, you will get movie options.
  5. After selecting one movie, you will get the option to download it in your desired quality.
  6. After choosing your desired quality, the film will start downloading.


Know that downloading movies from these sites is illegal for the user too, and hence you must operate these sites at your own risk. For more such informative pieces, checkout the other posts on


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