How does DVDVilla help the movie buffs stay sane?

How does DVDVilla help the movie buffs stay sane?

Let’s agree that none of us at this point want to spend hours commuting and spending hard-earned cash for one movie in a theatre only to be disappointed with similar content. This is why many movie buffs like to pay for OTT subscriptions with which we can watch endless movies and web series at a price much less than watching a movie at the theatres.

But not all OTT platforms offer all new content, and not every one of us would pay for all the subscriptions. This is where DVDVilla comes in. When today, after being released in the theatres, movies come for OTT release; funnily enough, they were released on the DVDVilla site before that. And the most fun part here is that DVDVilla doesn’t require your subscription or money or doesn’t even require your registration.

So, what is DVDVilla?

DVDVilla is an online platform or website that offers newly released or hit movies for downloading for free. Once you visit this website, you can access a range of newly released and trending films featured as thumbnails. And these are for you to download for free.

There are no bounds to any popular film industry when it comes to content. You will have access to Hindi dubbed or Hindi original content, Bollywood films, Punjabi films, Hollywood films, and sometimes even Pakistani films.

Yes, all the content you get to access or download from this site is free. But then you ask, what’s the catch?

The catch is that these sites are not legal, and uploaded movies exist on the site without permission from the copyright owner of the film, its music and its content. Many film producers, directors, and even film actors have urged the audience to avoid piracy and watch the movies on the big screen. But this didn’t stop the audience or website owners from sharing, uploading and downloading movies.

How does DVDVilla offer content for free?

There are several ways how a website owner can get this content before they can make it available for it. Sometimes the movies have a bad resolution, and it seems like this movie has been recorded in the theatres by amateur hands or cameras. Sometimes, a similar case happens, but this time the movie record is done with good and steady hands, along with a good camera.

Is DVDVilla legal?

Short answer: No.

This is why you must use or access this site at your own risk. If you ask us, we suggest using a VPN for accessing these sites without letting a virus into your PC. Using VPN also helps you keep your IP secret and stay away from any consequences that may arise for using illegal websites.

The Government of India has tried to ban this site quite a few times, but the owners have managed to save the website every time.


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