Do You Need to Purchase a Gas Fire Pit Cover?

Do You Need to Purchase a Gas Fire Pit Cover?

You’ve purchased a natural gas fire pit and now you’re looking for methods that will help you protect your precious investment. One of the best ways to ensure the proper protection of your gas fire pits from various outdoor elements such as rain, wind, snow, UV rays, sun rays, dust, dirt, and debris is by purchasing a high-quality gas fire pit cover. 

The manufacturer might have provided a cover with your gas fire pit. However, these covers are made of low-quality and unreliable materials. They are not waterproof. Additionally, these covers will become non-usable after a couple of months. Whether you have a budget-friendly or expensive gas fire pit, choosing a cover is undoubtedly one of the most important things you should remember. 

If you’re not using the gas fire pit, you need to cover it to protect the structural components and burner from oxidization and other different types of problems. Rodents and pests can also damage your gas fire pit permanently. 

Apart from keeping the fire pit dry and clean, the covers will also protect it from various threats which will increase the longevity of the fire pits. 

Can Pests Damage Your Fire Pits?

Rats and mice can damage your fire pits easily. Apart from considering your fire pit as their home and leaving smelly urine, the mice and rats can also chew the power cords as well as the rubber gas line, which will damage your fire pit beyond repair. 

Insects can also damage your fire pit as they will also build a home in the burner. This is why you should use the covers. The covers will prevent pests and rodents from damaging your gas fire pits. As per Earth Guard Pest, rodents can spread dangerous diseases.

Can UV Rays Damage Fire Pits?

UV rays can also cause damage to your gas fire pit. The UV rays are capable of breaking down the paint coating, plastics, and rubber of your gas fire pit. This is why you should avoid storing your fire pit in direct sunlight. 

The UV rays will cause the gas fire pits to fade gradually. When combined with other outdoor elements, the damage to the fire pit will be immense. 

How Can You Choose the Perfect Gas Fire Pit Cover?

Unless you’re not concerned about the protection factors of your fire pit, you need to invest in a high-quality and durable fire pit cover that will protect your gas fire pit. Choose covers that come with long-lasting and waterproof features. The fitting of the cover also needs to be tight enough so that it won’t get blown away by the wind. 

You need to choose covers that are neither too small nor too big as per the size of your gas fire pit. If the covers are oversized, moisture will start accumulating under the cover. This is why you need to measure the height and width of the fire pit properly. This is the only way to ensure you’re choosing covers that are relevant to your fire pit. You can also narrow down your options by choosing a square, round, or rectangular cover as per your situation. Round covers are perfect for smaller gas fire pits whereas, the square is perfect for large fire pits. Additionally, you also need to ensure that cover is not touching the bottom. 


Now you know the importance of purchasing fire pit covers. Make sure you contact us if you need the best fire pits for your house. 


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