How To Be More Productive – 30-Day Productivity Challenge

How To Be More Productive – 30-Day Productivity Challenge

Are you struggling with being productive?

Then you have reached the right place. In this excerpt below, we will discuss everything which can help you be more productive. 

Increasing Productivity

Here are some of the ways with which you will be able to increase your daily productivity.

Maintain A Routine: If you have to be productive, you cannot decide a minute before you need to finish the work. Being in a routine gives you structure and helps you finish a task with much ease when you have a set time for it. 

Hydrate & Hydrate: With all the work on your shoulder, you are bound to feel exhausted. Therefore, good nutritious food with water is very important to keep that energy level up.

Schedule Beforehand: The nights are not for you to binge on Netflix anymore. It is time to make To-Do Lists for the next morning.

Prioritize: To make a proper Do list, you cannot put everything in there. It can make you feel overwhelmed, and in the end, you are not done with any of the tasks.

Give Yourself Break: It might be that even after everything, your productivity falls for one day. Do not be too hard on yourself, and just give yourself the time to relax as well.

30-Day Productivity Challenge

Now, we are bringing you a thirty-day productivity challenge because if you are someone who hasn’t been productive before, this is your cue to start.

1. Wake up an hour early before your normal time. 2. Make your first To Do list, and stick it on your board.3. Make a schedule for yourself. Something to follow everyday.4. Make your first morning and night routine for relaxation.5. Take a break and take a day for yourself.
6. Put your phone in do not disturb mode when you start working.7. Clean your workspace and only keep the items important.8. Start calculating your water intake everyday, and increase a glass more.9. Start setting strict deadlines with your work. Especially the work you prioritize. 10. Make a list of goals for weeks, months, and years.
11. Remove all the distractions which are preventing you from working properly, and procrastinate more.12. Plan an outdoor day for yourself to spend some time in nature.13. Try a digital detox, and download all your favorite songs that will take you through the day. Download for free from The Pirate Bay.14. Plan your breaks if you are having a hard time to concentrate.15. Make a plan to check your emails or any other text less than usual.
16. Use this day to evaluate everything you have done this far. 17. Make a vision board, and fill it with all the motivational quotes, long term goals, and manifestations.18. Find unique ways you can make the boring tasks interesting.19. Test yourself and study or work for 4-5 hours straight. But, do not push yourself too hard, it is just a fun test.20. Get into a healthy workout regime. Psychologists believe that 30 min of physical exercise also helps to stimulate the brain.
21. Reward yourself generously for having to continue this for more than 21 days. Congratulations productivity is a habit now.22. Buy a good notebook to carry with yourself. This is where you will write your recent to-do list.23. Find new motivation and new tasks which will help you wake up in the morning everyday.24. Learn to say no to yourself without hesitation, when you do not feel like doing something.25. Try to not use your phone, attend calls, or emails when you return from work today. 
26. Start a practice of mindful meditation, and for today just close your eyes for five minutes.27.Reevalutae your goals to see if you have the same ones which you started with. 28. Finish that long undone task which you have been putting off. 29. Do not have any screen time today.30. Make a long test for the next thirty days. 
Productivity Challenge chart


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