Affordable Security Features You Can Add to Your Home Today

Affordable Security Features You Can Add to Your Home Today

Home security is a concern for almost any town or city, as even a small town is not void of all crime or pests. Security systems with constant monitoring can be expensive, and those who rent cannot always make these permanent changes or installations to the home. Still, some affordable security features like Steel doors in Melbourne from Bulleen Screens can be added to your home today.

Motion Sensor Lights

A motion sensor light can be added with minimal changes to the home and can be mounted quickly to the exterior of the home, the porch or deck, or even a nearby tree. They are available at many price points and will come with their own mounting kit. Select one that will be bright enough to show the area and that can be set to detect motion that is near your home but not on the sidewalk. 

A motion detection light that is set to reach the road will light up each time a car passes, and this can make it less effective as when it comes on, it will often be assumed it’s a car and not responded to effectively. Alternatively, or in addition to having other lights on and around the house, so it remains well light day and night is a deterrent as well. With fewer areas to hide and shadows to use, there is an increased chance they will be seen and reported, so often it will provide a strong deterrent around your home.

Video Camera for Porch or Doorbell

As technology improves, the cost of a doorbell camera or other outdoor camera is coming down. They are available in a wide range of price points and can be hardwired into the home or use batteries. Either can be set to activate when someone approaches the door and will send an alert to your phone or other devices, many with either a picture of the scene and others providing a live video. If you select a model with two-way communication, you can speak to the person, making it seem as though someone is home or let them know the home is closely monitored.

Security System Sign

Placing a sign that is associated with a security company can be enough to deter some people. For example, if it is advertised that the home is monitored with a security system and alarm, many will not approach it as they can’t be certain if it is monitored or not, and the risk is not worth it. Alternatively, beware of dog signs may have a similar effect, though if someone is watching the home before a break-in, they are more likely to notice if this is a rouse.

Timers for Lights

If you are away from home or for an extended period of time, such as an overnight trip or weeklong vacation, install timers on some of the lights inside your home. Set them to come on and then turn off at times the same as your regular schedule, so the home will appear occupied even when it is empty.


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