5 Best Sink Brands You Should Buy For Your Next Renovation Project

5 Best Sink Brands You Should Buy For Your Next Renovation Project

Sinks form the center of attraction of every modern kitchen. They are usually located in the cabinet and have different water hose attachments that can help with cleaning dishes and plates. While sinks do the simple task of delivering water through taps there are a wide variety of sinks and choosing the perfect one for any kitchen is a big hassle.

In this article, we will be discussing the different companies that manufacture sinks and faucets and will be choosing the top five companies globally. This will help you in making your choices clear when you are renovating your kitchen for the next time.

5 Best Sink Brands That You Should Know About:

In modular kitchens which have been designed to complement the floor and wall colors, the sink should be able to complement the looks of the remaining kitchen or it will look out of place. Butlers sinks by MIMICOCO are an example of some modernized sinks that can help your kitchen stand out in terms of design and functionality.

Choosing the best sink brands is very hard as there are a lot of factors that are varying between different brands. While one brand might be superior to others in one aspect and have a drawback in some other regions. The following list consists of the top 5 brands which have been listed based on customer ratings and their affordability,

  • ABI Interiors – Global supplier of ceramic or stone sinks and are known for their build quality which cannot be matched by any. They are a favorite for homeowners as they are available in multiple colors and shapes which gives homeowners the chance to choose the best fit for their kitchen.
  • Mimicoco – One of the largest bathroom and kitchen sink suppliers based in Australia. They provide luxurious options to their customers in the form of the globally acclaimed butler sinks by MIMICOCO. These shallow bowl butler sinks by MIMICOCO can be the center of attraction for your furnished kitchen.
  • Bella Vista – Another Melbourne-based company that has gained global recognition for its lightweight and minimalist designs. Their sinks can perfectly fit in any modern kitchen setting without appearing out of place. They are also designed in a way that the water always gets cleared without settling at the bottom of the sink.
  • Fienza – They are known for their classic stone designs which can fit well into a kitchen that is using a lot of marbles or granites for the flooring. They also produce industrial-grade sinks which can stand up to all kinds of uses and can be big in size as per requirement.
  • Turner Hastings – Australia’s most famous butler sink supplier can provide you with some of the best designs when it comes to kitchen sinks. They produce quality items that can be used in every kind of kitchen around the world.


The above-mentioned companies can provide some of the best sinks in the world and they are trusted by homeowners and constructors for their quality and looks. Go ahead and get your kitchen a proper sink from any of the above companies.


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