What is the purpose of using camphor during Pujas?

What is the purpose of using camphor during Pujas?

Hinduism places a high value on many rituals, traditions, customs, and beliefs. During our Pujas, Aartis, and other festivities, we use materials as part of our Hindu rituals. Camphor is one of the essential ingredients in Hinduism since it has a calming effect on the mind. Look into the history, meaning, and importance of camphor in Hindu ceremonies to learn more.

The Sanskrit term for camphor is Karpur, while the Hindi word for camphor is Kapur. It has been commonly used in Indian families for numerous years and is well-known. We may divide them into two categories: edible camphor and synthetic camphor. From the bark and wood of the camphor laurel, we acquire edible camphor, which has a wide range of therapeutic benefits.

Camphor may be used for a variety of different things. We ignite camphor during Hawans and Aartis to bring happiness to the Gods and Goddesses.

The importance of the camphor tablet

Camphor is a plant with a wide range of applications. Camphor is necessary for various reasons, from primary home advantages to bringing happiness and heavenly blessings into our life. It may be used as a room refresher and essential oil. When it comes to Hindu rites, camphor is the most important ingredient. Camphor has theological and scientific importance, which we shall explore in this book section.

Pooja camphor tablets have a wide range of religious importance in Hindu rites, and there are different interpretations of their meaning. It assists in the spiritual enlightenment of the individual and the destruction of bad energies. Here are some of the religious significance of camphor in Hinduism, as explained by the Hindu scriptures.

Aarti is a significant religious ceremony. The ritual is performed as part of our Pujas in front of the Gods and Goddesses, and it is pretty powerful. You may do Aartis with different prayers and mantra chanting to keep the darkness from invading your life. During Aarti, we ignite ghee lamps with camphor to symbolize the flame of knowledge. It contributes to the spiritual illumination of our spirits. After completing Aarti, we place our palms over the flame and put our hands over our eyes and on our heads. 

Camphor evaporates as a result of the combustion process. It burns away, leaving just a pleasant aroma in its wake. It demonstrates that we may achieve oneness with God. Additionally, it is the same as eliminating our ego from our life. It contributes to the dissemination of knowledge and light in our own lives and the lives of others.

The use of camphor may help to correct the imbalances or blockages in our Chakras, which can be pretty beneficial. This is because they contain vibrations or frequencies that aid in treating various issues. Camphor is an essential oil that is used in aromatherapy and scent healing. It is pretty beneficial. Furthermore, they are pretty helpful whether we are doing meditation or yoga. It might be helpful in calming our thoughts.


A daily offering of camphor made in front of the deities, according to the Scriptures, confers a regenerative attribute. And the Gods and Goddesses continue to be joyful, and their favor continues to provide happiness, serenity, and prosperity to the household. If there is any form of Vastu problem in the home, burning camphor will also provide freedom from the impacts of that deficiency.

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