Tips to Enhance Post-Delivery Experience of Customer

Tips to Enhance Post-Delivery Experience of Customer

Order execution can be one of the most significant steps in eCommerce delivery management.

Earlier, clients had very few alternatives and had to wait 7 to 10 working days for their purchases to arrive. However, as technology has advanced, there are now many shipping alternatives and ways available.

Customers today demand variety in both the things they purchase and the time it takes for them to receive them. As a result, shipping services have changed from how they always operated. One-day deliveries are no longer a pipe dream; rather, they are becoming a more frequent expectation from online shops. Customers also expect timely post-shipping notifications in addition to a seamless and prompt delivery of their purchases.

Therefore, post-deliery experience is very important for client retention and happiness. It serves as the consumer’s last impression of your e-commerce company. Therefore, every problem that arises during the procedure leaves the customer with a bad impression of your brand and negatively impacts the retention rate. A bad delivery experience can therefore permanently harm your relationship with your clients.

7 Hacks for a Great Post-Delivery Experience

It would be best if you had a success-oriented post-shipping and post-delivery plan to improve your customer’s experience. Here are the best hacks to master post-shipping skills for your eCommerce business:

Resolve Clients’ Problems

Just because you have successfully shipped a product does not mean you can loosen up and enjoy the accomplishment. The customer believes that you are there for them even after the delivery.

Listen to your client’s and pass down their needs to your logistics supplier. Resolve customers’s queries. The questions can range from delivery timeframe, expected delivery time, shipping rates, cancellation of the order or exchange or return of orders.  

Get Valuable Feedback

eCommerce is full of opposition, and feedback is an essential component of the industry. Once you dispatch your merchandise and it is delivered, you can reach out to your client and request feedback on delivery.

This can be arranged through various shipping software solutions. It not only makes your clients feel treasured, but it also lets them have a say in your brand name. In addition, it enables you to recognize what more you can do for your buyers.

 Reduce Customer Anxiety

Once the client knows their package is dispatched, it is customary to be concerned about delivery. To rule out any questions or ripples in your customer service, offer complete delivery information in sequence via eCommerce order tracking software.

The tracking software offers complete delivery details, allowing clients to even follow the precise location of each order they put.

The delivery-tracking software offers all the delivery characteristics with every new update. Faster and more accurate delivery schedules result from the perfect combination of real-time information and increased productivity. As a result, the number of devoted customers grows, increasing customer satisfaction. As a result, there are more and repeated customers, happier employees, and increased revenue generating.

Provide Free Shipping with Courier aggregator

The dampener in online shopping is additional charges over and above the cost of the product. Therefore, avoid charging customers extra on their final orders, which the Courier aggregator can manage.

Set a target for the customer. If they purchase for a specified amount, they will be entitled to free shipping or reversal of delivery charges. This alternative gives your company an edge over others and keeps your customers happy that they aren’t paying extra for shipping.

This formula works with most customers but requires a lot of investment and ongoing budget management. It would be best if you also extended your free shipping policy to exchange and return the merchandise post-delivery.

Create an Attractive Return Policy

You must formulate a return policy that lets you act on customer feedback. One of the things that will secure orders for your business is having a robust return policy in place.

Potential buyers are more likely to plunge if they are assured that returning or exchanging merchandise is accessible and non-chargeable.

While planning your NDR management procedure, ensure that the process doesn’t impact the customer financially. The return or exchange process should be easy for the customer to execute.

To begin with, make online booking of returns and exchanges quick and easy. Once a customer has booked a return or exchange, the courier executive should visit the customer and pick up the package with no questions.

Alternatively, it should be easy for the customer to drop off the return or exchange item at a nearby center. Above all, make all details on the company’s return and exchange policy accessible on the website.                                                              

Establish a Branded Online Community

Setting up an online community for your brand creates a tremendous post-delivery customer experience. It can prove to be a valuable part of your eCommerce delivery solutions. Your company can benefit from it in multiple ways, such as:

You can create a Facebook page or make your online community more detailed through a platform like Patreon.

The company incorporates the best ideas into its new products. A prime example is LEGO’s creation of the “LEGO Idea.” The company created an online community where anyone between 5 to 95 can share and contribute LEGO-related information and ideas.

Publish User Demos and Guides

We cannot assume that customers know everything about the products they buy. Once you’ve sold a product to a customer, don’t leave them in the deep end. Make user guides and manuals available online.

They guide users on how to get the best out of your products. It can create hype around your product and get you to repeat customers and new ones. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to add an FAQ section to your website.


Customers no longer base their allegiance on price or product. As a replacement, they remain faithful to companies due to their experience. If you cannot keep up with their growing demands, your clients will leave you for those who can.

Logistics companies are a dime-a-dozen today, but the trick is to tie up with a reliable one to enable you to follow up on the tips highlighted here

Shipclues is a versatile and reliable eCommerce tech Courier Aggregator Company. They use a highly-effective AI-powered dashboard with other e-commerce platforms, enabling a seamless delivery experience for your valued customers.

It’s important to remember that your existing customers are your biggest asset. Before you focus on ramping up sales, ensure that your current customers have a satisfying post-delivery experience.


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