What are the other Alternatives to Bright Lending Loans?

What are the other Alternatives to Bright Lending Loans?

The bright lending loan is quite a famous financial help that is recognized by America as well. They provide short-term personal loans that can help people with financial distress. They do have high APRs that you should know before you apply for the loan. It is more than the amount you are taking so you should know the other available alternatives as well compared them. 

Alternatives of bright lending:

There are other easy ways than bright lending you can go for. High-interest rates can even get you in more distress. It is more like a loan that you are getting on yourself. So, you should check these alternatives first before choosing bright lending. 

Cash advance apps:

There are so many cash advance apps available around the world that are a way to get easy cash. You can just download them on your phone and they are free. You can just download them without any interest and fees and leave a tip for their services. 

Pawn shop loans:

If you are living near a pawn shop then you can get a loan worth a lot by keeping an expensive item as collateral. It is important to build trust with the owner so you will get the item worth amount in no time. It could be an expensive watch or a ring that you can pawn for some money. It is easy money that you can in the future return to the owner and gets your thing back. If you are late to pay back then the owner call sell it.


It is also a good way to get easy money and you can get even a loan of $10,000. The APRs here are less than bright lending like 34-99% but still, it is high for some people. So, make the decision knowing the fact that you have to pay the money over the amount. It is almost the same as loans like bright lending

Credit card cash:

You can use your credit card limit in the form of credit card advance as well as in the form of cash. But there is an interest rate on that cash so make sure to pay it as well. It is not the same as paying through a credit card. Always make sure to read or check the terms of your bank before getting the cash. 


Every community where you live has a local charity and you can let them know about your financial need. It could be helpful for you to get the money through your local community and you can use their assistance programs as well.

Peer-to-peer lending:

There are so many peer-to-peer sites online that let you borrow a loan from the bank and investors. The credit rating is also counted for the interest rate here but no doubt they are providing very reasonable financial aid that you can return easily. 

Can I still apply for a bright lending loan:

Yes, of course, you can. You will find the lending process of the company very easy as you just have to fill out the required details by the company. Mostly, they want your personal information for the online process. Your application will go further and the company will check whether your loan should be approved or not. 

Whatever the situation is the company lets you know in a few working days. If you apply on Monday you will be getting the answer the same week. There is also contact information provided on their site that you can contact for any queries you have. They will help you out with the whole process of the lending.

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