Decorate Your Home with Multi Photo Canvas Prints!

Decorate Your Home with Multi Photo Canvas Prints!

A multi picture canvas is the latest trend in wall decoration. These are several canvases next to each other that together form one photo. A multi-panel canvas can also consist of several photos from the same series that fit together.

Such a new trend is of course very nice. And we’re quick to say, “Wow, I want that too!”

But what are the possibilities actually? How can we join this trend without making our house look like one big picture frame?

In this blog we give you some tips and ideas. And then we say: “Definitely do it, such a multi-panel on your wall!”

Your most beautiful summer photos on multi-panel canvas!

canvas multi-panel children

After a great holiday, there is nothing more fun than sorting through all the photos. And then you see that great photo of your kids on the beach. What a picture!

Some photos are just made to hang on the wall. Photos of the holiday often have a cheerful and colorful look. They automatically give this atmosphere to your living room. When ordering a photo of a multi-panel, it is important that you make sure that you do not spread your face over 2 canvases, this will give your canvas on demand a messy effect.

Do you want to keep it quiet at home and do you like cool and stylish? Then a black and white photo is something that fits you perfectly on the wall. Whether you go for a photo of nature or a photo of your wedding. Black and white photos provide a tasteful interior!

Like any parent, you are very proud of your child. How cool would it be to bundle a number of nice photos of one moment on a multi-panel?

Nice for the bedroom, children’s room or of course large in the living room. Also very nice in black and white. This multi-fold photo collage is not only fun with babies, but how about the best photos from your wedding, birthday party or that nice barbecue?

Various variants

A multi-panel canvas is available in several variants. You can choose a triptych, four-part, five-part or six-part. The name indicates how many canvases your multi-panel consists of.

View the various variants on and order your most beautiful photo on a multi-panel canvas!

Nice to know

A question that is often asked is this: How much space should there be between my canvases when I’m going to hang them? And how do I attach them to the wall? The canvas on multi-panel at Printerpix comes with their hanging system (for a small extra charge). A multi-panel always takes up more space than just the size of the canvases, so keep this in mind before you order a certain size.

Are you planning to hang the canvases above the sofa? Then it is advisable not to order the multi-panel on canvas larger than the width of your sofa. If the canvas still protrudes well beyond the sofa, this will give a messy result.

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