Can Lear Capital Help Plan Your Retirement Strategy

Can Lear Capital Help Plan Your Retirement Strategy

When planning for retirement, investors can follow several different strategies. One option many choose is a gold IRA. These are self-directed individual retirement accounts that hold gold or another precious metal like palladium, silver, or platinum in trust for the owner. 

A gold IRA functions comparably to a conventional account with precious metal assets. More firms are beginning to provide gold IRA accounts with them making the process more straightforward and simple for the investor.

A qualified firm with knowledge and experience in the industry like Lear Capital has the capacity to navigate transactions from the buying phase through to safe, secure storage while ensuring compliance with IRS guidelines. Let’s look at a few tips meant to help ease you through the buying process.

What Are Some Tips When Planning For Retirement With A Gold IRA

Retirement planning is something that takes careful planning with an eventual strategy to not only grow and strengthen wealth but protect it. That means including a diversifier to balance the assets for which many investors choose gold individual retirement accounts.

The indication is there are more quality, established firms like Lear Capital, a long-standing firm in the industry, starting to offer these accounts with the capacity to make the process a much more straightforward and simple one for investors.

Lear Capital can help clients navigate the investing process from the point of purchase to the safe, secure storage of the products, ensuring IRS compliance throughout the transaction.

When searching for the right firm to manage your investments, it’s essential to ensure their legitimacy and experience in the industry to ensure the products they offer will be quality, authentic metals.

Find a guide to gold IRA investing at Check out a few tips when considering a gold IRA investment.

●    Bullion and bars suggested over coins

The suggestion is that bullion and bars are the ideal option over coins for purchase. Investors need to remember that the IRS has stipulations regarding what products are permissible for holding with an individual retirement account.

There needs to be a specific purity, and coins cannot be rare or collectible but instead government-issued mints. Bullions and bars are suggested before coins since these consist of “99.9 percent gold,” but more metals aside from gold are in coins.

●    Make sure to hold to retirement

Stipulations indicate the gold in an IRA is held in storage until retirement or age 59.5. If withdrawals are made prior to that time, tax repercussions can apply along with the potential for penalties as great as 10%. Carrying an investment as long as possible can assure the value will continue to rise if the price of gold goes up.

A trusted firm will give you the opportunity to sell (or purchase) coins and bullion as you wish. Trading precious metals like gold will always be profitable if a market for the products exists.


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