Most Adventurous Water Activities In Andaman And Nicobar

Most Adventurous Water Activities In Andaman And Nicobar

A total of 572 islands make up the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the most remote states in India as only 37 of them are inhabited by humans. Port Blair is a base city that opens the gates to the Andaman and Nicobar islands and connects them to the towns and beaches nearby. Andaman is blessed with some of the most scenic locations and pristine beaches that can be found within the outstretch of the Bay of Bengal, making Andaman one of the greatest tourist attractions in India.

A perfect getaway from the ever-bustling city lights, the Andaman Islands provide both a soothing relaxation time over the turquoise-blue ocean and a rush of adrenaline from the plethora of water sports activities available. Indulge in one of the many water sports available on the Andaman Islands to get a rush of adrenaline while relaxing in the tranquility of the sea. The Andamanhas a lot to offer, from banana rides to kayaking. Even if you are not a swimmer, the water sorts do not require mastery and you can perform any activity without a hiccup! Here is a list of the top five water activities that Andaman has to offer, let us dig in!

Scuba diving

Since childhood, all we dream of is swimming amongst the fishes and exploring the underwater world of sea creatures. Let us turn this into a reality. Scuba diving in the turquoise blue waters of the Andaman is an experience that lasts a lifetime. Feel lost in the mesmerizing marine life. Scuba diving can be enjoyed in the Chidiya tapu in Port Blair, Havelock, North Bay Islands, and Neil Islands. You can take an expert-guided session of a one-time dive for an hour. Experience the awe-inspiring view of the beautiful corals and fishes of various kinds flooding towards you from all directions included in the Andaman package for only INR 3499 per person.

Sea karts

Experience the cool breeze rustling through your ears while cruising on the sea kart in the Andaman. A newly introduced water sports activity that will blow your mind. It is available in only two more countries other than the Andaman, which are Dubai and Mauritius. So, do try this thrilling activity in the Andaman and capture special moments with the complimentary in-house DSLR photography. The journey begins from Corbyn’s Cove Beach in Port Blair, taking you to Ross Island, accommodating only three people, including the instructor, at a time. This one hour of thrilling activity only costs you INR 3499.

Underwater, sea walking

A magical experience where you will explore the secrets hidden in the turquoise blue waters of the Andaman and walk amongst the various sea creatures. A walk on the smooth sand next to crystal waters is a heavenly experience that becomes more detailed and clear with the vision supported by the helmet that is provided by the team. It is a secured journey with the guidance and all-time presence of the skilled instructors of Elephant Beach. The most important safety guideline for the walk is to wear a helmet throughout the journey. This beautiful, mesmerizing walk amongst the sea creatures costs an individual around INR 5000.

Banana boat rides

One of the most fun rides to enjoy in the Andaman, banana rides accommodate a group of six people on a banana-shaped boat that is securely tied to a speed boat for it to get moving. A lifeguard jacket is given to each participant, and the excursion is always accompanied by an experienced and certified instructor. You can enjoy these rides at Havelock Island at the Elephant Beach, the Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex in Port Blair, and North Bay Island. This soulful, thrilling experience costs around INR 3500 per individual.

Mangrove kayaking

Endowed with an abundance of pristine seawater and beaches, kayaking through the mangrove forests in the Andaman is a blissful experience. Enjoy the experience of kayaking through the narrow paths that are present in the lagoon, leading to a shaded path surrounded by dense mangroves while the birds chirp a melody over your head. Bioluminescence kayaking, as well as the night kayak experience, brings a thrilling touch to the adventure. You can visit Baratang, Neil Island, Ross Island, Havelock Island, Tanaz, and Port Blair for a blissful experience of kayaking, which will cost you around INR 3500 per individual.


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