4 Tips to sell your event tickets ASAP!

4 Tips to sell your event tickets ASAP!

Everyone is getting bombarded with promotional mails and advertisements. People’s attention span is at an all-time low. Among all the chaos you have to stand out and sell your event tickets.

This might sound cliché, but if you move to the basics, the solution seems quite simple. You just have to keep simple rules and methods in mind to have a blast with your event ticketing sell plans.

1. Know Yourself!

Customers have become very picky these days. They would compare you with all possible options and then buy your tickets.

Whether your event is too reputable to make them love you at first sight or your event is affordable and better than others in terms of quality. You need to know your strengths and showcase them in the best possible manner.

That’s how you take the first step towards selling tickets.

2. When To Start Selling Tickets

The answer is ASAP!

Even if you don’t have the whole event designed up. You can get signups and polls to get your audience hooked up for you.

For instance, if your event is occasional, then give your public an option to book your next event. That way you’ll have a cascading impact on your events.

3. Improve Ticketing Reach

When you move on towards selling tickets. The biggest hurdle that comes is reach. You might have a great event and marketing plan, but when it doesn’t reach the targeted audience it’s of no use.

How to get your event in the eyes of the public?

  • Sell tickets on mobile. 70% of shoppers feel that mobile purchasing is the most hassle-free method to get tickets. So you gotta ensure that ticketing options are available on mobile and tablets.
  • Urgency leads to sales. It’s quite simple. You might want to check other options when there’s something in stock. But when you see that it’s a limited edition or exclusive 100 tickets. Your mind short-circuits and you tend to purchase it.
  • Special discount options. People love discounts. Offer them a discount on promotional conditions and your audience will ensure that your event is promoted lol.
  • Email marketing and social media campaigns. Get in touch with the public on social media. That’s one of the most optimal ROI options for selling event tickets online. The reach on social media is limitless.

4. Collaborate With Entities

This option is one of the most versatile when it comes to selling tickets. Whether your budget is low or high, it provides a lot of solutions that suit you.

Broadly it is classified into two concepts:

  1. Brand collaboration: High budgeting but decent ROI. You can work with brands and get conversions with their customer domain.
  2. Online sales tools: Get in touch with some online websites that help you sell tickets online free of cost. Less expenditure with great returns.


So far we’ve broadly covered ways to give you some good event ticketing sell plans. So work on these simple yet effective ideas and get your event sold out.

Remember to look out for a variety of options and do research work before jumping into anything.

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