Why Does Max Not Talk In Max and Ruby

Why Does Max Not Talk In Max and Ruby

Rosemary Wells wrote a book on Max and Ruby, which became a top-rated animated T.V. series that became children’s favorite watch since its release. The Canadian Industry of Television airs this show and presents it to a wide scale of viewers. The astonishing thing about this animation is that people from all walks of life adore this show irrespective of their age. The show stars two bunnies, Max and Ruby, both of who live with their grandmother. Ruby is a seven-year-old, adventurous bunny who tags along with her younger brother Max who is just three. Ruby takes good care of her younger brother Max, who does not speak a word throughout the series and episodes. Max is presented to be mute in this entire cartoon series, but there has never been an apparent reason as to why is max mute max and ruby. The series last aired on the 24th of August, 2019.

Characteristic of Max and Ruby

Max has had a horrible and nightmarish childhood. The younger bunny met with his first trauma when his and Ruby’s parents got into an accident and died, leading to the children becoming orphans. This is why Max has an obsession with police cars and ambulance trucks. This is a theory made by fans. Another such theory is that Max was molested by his grandmother, which is why he built a character inside his head as a “super bunny” as his protective shield. But these are just fan theories, which the show’s creators deny, because recently, in the new episodes, Max is shown to speak. So, many possibilities can answer why is max mute in max and ruby.

Ruby is the caring and controlling type who cares and controls the movies and manners of her younger brother, advising him and controlling his actions with her elder-sisterly attitude. She is shown to be the girl with many dreams and wants, and both the siblings participate in their adventures, staying together with their banters and Ruby controlling and being a boss now and then.

The creator, Rosemary, had given her reasoning to the show’s creators for their parents not being around, which is that Max and Ruby fit perfectly well together to solve their problems and conflicts on their own.

Dark reasons why did max never talk in max and ruby

Many bizarre fan theories resolve the question of why does max not talk in max and ruby. Max has been theorized to have developed autism. And Ruby was said to develop OCD for being so caring and controlling everything to her idea of perfection. The reasons why was max mute in max and ruby are diverse, and differ from every other perspective of the fans. Who love this show and are crazily involved in the plot and the story of the show. But the good news is that the fans will finally be able to hear Max talk from the next season and in the new episodes. So there might be some clue as to why did max never talk in max and ruby. Max was also said to face a severe injury to his head when his parents died in the car accident, which can be made as an acceptable reason as to why is max from max and ruby mute.

Max and Ruby grew up to be of totally different personalities. Their traits and character attributes are poles apart, but they blend into their adventures with their spirits consistently high! The fact that Max never speaks does not for once dampen their spirits in having fun together and being adventurous together. Their mismatched points of view made the show all the more fun to watch. Max was facing such a traumatic incident in his childhood, and it is why is max from max and ruby mute. His sister was always by his side when their grandmother took them under her care. Finally, more light will be thrown on the lives of Max and Ruby when the fans see Max talking. The mystery of why is max mute from max and ruby will be revealed. The fans’ questions and theories might find a surface, and the reason will be revealed with fans enjoying the new turn in their favorite show, Max and Ruby.


Max and Ruby is a beautifully adventurous cartoon with many questions from the fans for just highlighting. The adventurous part of the characters rather than their backstory. The cartoon showed max to be mute, and the reason is max from max and ruby mute. Is under the blanket with no logical explanations from the creators. Due to this, fans have cooked up diverse reasons. why does max not talk in max and ruby with their theories which are very popular, believable, and dark.

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