Types of gemstones a lay man should know about

Types of gemstones a lay man should know about

There are different types of options in the world of gemstones. Of course, different gemstones have different powers and properties. In this post, you would get to know about some of the most common gemstones that you can find people wearing all around you. After all, the power of gemstones is experienced by many people. They feel that gemstones have transformed their lives for the betterment.

Indeed, once you know that you can also wear a specific type of gemstone that matches, you’re your horoscope and stars then you should go for Khannagems. You have no idea how you can find quality gemstones that work well for you. Here are some gemstones for you to know about right away. And believe it or not, you are going to be thankful about this post once you know about wonderful gemstones.

Ruby gemstone

Ruby gemstone is not just gorgeous looking gemstone but it is even known as the king of gemstones. The gorgeous and priceless stone signifies the powerful sun and is known to communicate mental strength and even that of nice health to the wearer. Once it is worn by males , the gemstone is going to boost manhood and dignity and when worn by females it directs both passion and power. Moreover, this ruby stone is even robust and well-known to increase spirituality, confidence, innovation, and wisdom.

Remember , ruby is the stone that is linked up with the area of Manipura chakra. It is the navel of your body. Once you wear this wonderful gemstone, it might assist to unlock this chakra, conveys the wearer, a sense of responsibility, and even endorses leadership qualities. Inserting a feeling of self-reliance and self-dignity, this gemstone even assists in combating depression. The positive energy that this stone has assists in clear visualization, complete sharpness, and even concentrate through the stimulation of pineal gland.

If you are a thoughtful or innovative person and you are in search of fame and popularity then you should wear this stone. The usage of this gemstone is lengthily recommended for the ones who continually suffer from bad health. Remember that this wonderful gemstone is even important for actors, artists goldsmiths, energy, government officials, dealers of cotton and cotton products and even that of stockbrokers.

Blue sapphire

If you follow Vedic astrology, it states that blue sapphire or neelam stone is the gemstone belongs to Saturn that is a karmic planet. Before you go ahead and know what blue sapphire gemstone can do for your life improvement you need to know this first. It is important that you get the approval of an astrologer before you wear this gemstone.  Ensure that the gemstone does not have any errors or flaws. So, before you own a blue sapphire stone, make sure that you check the compatibility. You cannot take a risk with it. If the gemstone is not meant for you and you wear it, it may cause health problems, accidents or even life threat. So, a proper check is a must.

Now, coming to the gains that you get from a blu sapphire, they are in abundance. Firstly, the gemstone helps you in increasing your wealth. You would see a constant rise in your income for sure. Also, if you feel that you are always hexed by others then relax. This gemstone is going to protect you from bad eye or evil spirits. Also,  if you have any health concerns, wearing a blue sapphire would help you with good healing and better recovery rate. There are examples wherein people were not getting any results out of the treatments but when they wore blue sapphire, they saw a miraculous transformation. Finally, the gemstone has many other things too but one thing that you should not miss is the clarity. It could aid you with mental clarity, clears any type of confusion and right decision-making ability in less duration.

Yellow sapphire

Yellow sapphire or pukhraj has the planetary support of planet jupiter that is the planet of clear fortune and wisdom. When you wear a pukhraj stone, it is going to fetch yourabundant fortune and wealth. You might go through great income in your life and who knows you even experience some money awards too. This is the reason that you can see influential celebs wearing this powerful gemstone. Of course, the charm of this stone does not end here. It helps you getting a suitable life partner in life. It even helps you in making the better outcomes out of your marriage life. Then if you lack concentration or focus in life then yellow sapphire helps you. It works on your focus and ensure that you are a better focused person.

Indeed, the world is missing out on the positivity and happiness in the present time. Most of the people are not happy. Here, if you wear this natural and precious pukhraj stone, it going to get you happiness in life. Is a ‘feel good’ type of gemstone too. It might help you in dealing in fighting a negative outlook. Wearing a nice quality pukhraj stone can keep you positive and hopeful.

Emerald gemstone

When you wear this powerful stone, it is going to sharpen the intellect . Since intelligence is the domain of mercury, emerald stone can aid enhance the understanding of life, taking a balanced and proper decision and the ability to understand complicated things of life with fineness and convenience. Moreover, it helps you in honing your creative side too. You would find yourself more creative and innovative in your tasks and lifestyle.

Moreover, it can make you communicate a lot more refined. You can easily experience and uplift the power of expression and accomplish an eloquent style of communicating your overall ideas to others. The confidence and assurance with you can speak with others is definitely going to win the appreciation. In case you feel that you are good at your work and have proper skills but lack the communication art then this stone is going to help.


To sum up,  since you have a good idea about so many different gemstones now, you might be excited about having a right one for your life.


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