Types of Dental Implants and Procedures

Types of Dental Implants and Procedures

Does it feel uncomfortable to have a tooth or a few teeth missing? But nowadays, having a gap in the mouth is not a problem anymore. You can get your teeth and lost confidence back in no time. Teeth implant, being the most reliable teeth implant process, can get your teeth back. All you have to do is consult some skilled dentists and ask for help. They can insert an artificial structure into your jawbone by doing surgery, and voila! You can have new teeth.

But if you want to know more about this, for example, which type of dental implant you might have, follow the article. Here we have mentioned all the dental implant types and procedures so you can have the basic information before consulting your doctor.

Types of Dental Implants

Usually, there are two types of dental implants. Whether you consult dentists for dental implants at Glenview or anywhere else, ask them which dental implant type suits you. We have mentioned the dental implant type below:

●          Subperiosteal

Some patients have minimal bone height making it nearly impossible to dig a hole in their jawbone. So, they cannot wear any dentures or bridges on their jaw. When a patient faces this problem, any dental clinic at Glenview performs the Subperiosteal dental implant. If you want to go through a teeth implant, you can contact them for help.

In this type of implant, the dentists place the implants on the jaw using a metal framework and protrude it through the gum to hold on to it.

●          Endosteal

This type is the most common dental implant type. Patients who have lost a tooth or two can have this tooth implant. The dentists can perform the endosteal tooth implant by using cylinders and screws. Dentists usually dig a hole in the jawbone and place the implant. Usually, this dental implant is suitable for patients who use removable dentures. But to know whether it suits you, consult a dental implant dentist at Glenview.

Tooth Implant Procedures

There are five most common dental implant procedures. The dentists recommend them to different patients. The dentists decide which one is the most suitable for you once they check your teeth thoroughly.

  • Single Tooth Replacement: In this tooth implant process, the dentists dig a hole in the jawbone and place the implant on it. Doctors usually perform this dental implant procedure when a patient loses one tooth. The crown or bridge can easily replace the gap with an artificial structure in this procedure. Before you go for teeth implants at Glenview or anywhere else, ask your doctor which procedure can help you fill the gap.
  • Full Teeth Replacement: Sometimes, patients lose all their teeth. In that case, Glenview dentists or any other dentist perform the Full teeth replacement procedure. In this procedure, doctors use Full dentures to replace the gap.
  • Multiple Teeth Replacement: Dentists use implant-supported bridges when patients lose multiple teeth to replace the gap. This procedure is known as multiple teeth replacement.
  • Ridge Modification: Due to a patient’s defective bones, dentists cannot perform the tooth implant. In that case, they lift the gum a bit from the ridge to do the tooth implant. This procedure is famously known as ridge modification.
  • Sinus Augmentation: Sometimes, dentists find it difficult to perform the tooth implant in some patients. In that case, they use the upper jaw (the most difficult place) to perform the tooth implant. In this process, the dentists raise the sinus floor and the developing bone to perform the implant.


If you have decided to get an appointment for a dental implant, it is better to go prepared. Knowing the dental implant types and procedures can help you communicate with the dentists. It can also help you find out which procedure is suitable for you.


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