Two best Refrigerator brands that offer more than you want

Two best Refrigerator brands that offer more than you want

It is a known fact that refrigerators are being produced by various brands across the world. It is important for you to know the best refrigerator brands focusing on all factors to offer the right balance. LG and Haier Refrigerators have been a great pick all the time, but still, you have other options to look out for.

Kenmore Refrigerators

Today, many households own one or more Kenmore products. This brand has become one of the most easily recognized in the industry. The product selection is diverse and goes beyond refrigerators to include vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers, barbecue grills, heat pumps, water softeners, air purifiers, stoves, gas furnaces, sewing machines, microwaves, and many other appliances.

Kenmore began in 1927 when the brand began appearing on laundry appliances offered by Sears. Consumers favored Kenmore over the store’s many other brands, and by the mid-1930s, Kenmore had sold one million items.

Ironically, the very first Kenmore washing machine, which was the initial product with the brand name to be sold by Sears, went unnoticed. It wasn’t even featured in the store’s catalog the year it was introduced. Today, no known images of the original 1927 Kenmore washer exist.

Technology adoption

World War II brought about many changes in the country, and Kenmore adapted quickly. The Kenmore Harmony House appliance line was introduced and utilized the most recent technology of the time. The Harmony House line came in a handful of brilliant, unique colors, from Malibu Coral to Sunshine yellow, as well as traditional white.

Today, Kenmore offers many stylish, functional refrigerator units for the household. Although you won’t find bright colors in the modern Kenmore catalog, the available designs have their own individual personalities. Consumers can choose from side-by-side door models, bottom freezer designs, freezerless refrigerators, counter depth units, and compact refrigerators.

Standard white is still available, as well as shimmering chrome, and chrome with black accents as well as solid black models.  These come with all the standard features as well as extra functions, including built-in ice makers. Other Kenmore refrigerator products include wine cellar units and chest freezers.

Kitchenaid Refrigerators

Many consumers have fallen in love with the Kitchenaid brand. Although they are best known for their stand mixers, Kitchenaid also produces many functional refrigerator units ideal for household use.

The company first entered the public eye when it introduced its heavy-duty, multi-functional stand mixer in 1919.  In the following decades, Kitchenaid has grown to include numerous products as well as improvements to its original appliance.

In 1936, Kitchenaid celebrated the contributions of famous industrial designer Egmont Arens. Arens was set to create the design for the next famous stand mixer model.  In 1946, Kitchenaid gave consumers the KD-10, which utilized the first pressure system to clean dishes at home.

The Chambers Range Company was acquired in 1955 and added cooking appliances to the Kitchenaid repertoire. This was also the year the first colorful stand mixers were made available.

Revolution in technology

Refrigerators were added to the Kitchenaid catalog in 1986 and in 1992, a line of blenders was introduced to the Kitchenaid portable appliance line. Since then, the company has been adding more appliances to cover every aspect of functionality in the kitchen.

The Kitchenaid company has also gained favor with consumers because of the approach it takes to marketing and designing its products.  Each new creation is intended to help consumers live more comfortably, primarily through food preparation and storage. Modern refrigerators produced by Kitchenaid come in a wide variety of designs, from bottom freezers to top freezers as well as side by side and French door designs.


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