The Ultimate In-Salon Scalp & Hair Exfoliation at Vurve Salon

The Ultimate In-Salon Scalp & Hair Exfoliation at Vurve Salon

Just like your face and skin exfoliation is necessary to keep it nourished and hydrated. The same way, scalp and hair exfoliation is a must for healthy and strong hair growth. However, due to mainly focusing on shiny and smooth hair, we often neglect our scalp. Scalp is the foundation of hair growth, healthy and nourished hair. Dandruff, dirt and grime clogged the pores of the scalp and therefore exfoliation helps to clear the pores and boosts blood circulation.

For having an effective yet super convenient exfoliation, you can consider an online salon appointment to book the slot without visiting there. You will get the list of salons that offer these services and simply book the appointment according to available time. Isn’t it the best way to pamper yourself in a hectic and busy lifestyle?

So, let’s get into the scalp and hair solution at vurve salon-

Why should you have good scalp health?

Is dirt, grime and pollution your biggest problem? Is itching and dandruff troubling you? Does your hair get oily fast and get dirty very often? If all of these are your concerns then you might need scalp care. Scalp health is highly underrated, we thought there is no problem of we can’t see this? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Having itchy and dandruff scalp is not an simple issue. It signifies the imbalance of the scalp and might be due to bacteria, dirt, pollutants and oil settling into the scalp and can cause itchiness and dandruff over time. On the other hand, if you are not thoroughly washing your hair and shampoo it could be the reason for itching.

Fusio scrub- The ultimate solution salon experience for scalp

What exactly is fusio scrub? Fusion scrub is launched by Kerastase. This scrub method serves the purposes for hair. For instance, it helps to exfoliate the scalp to promote hair renewal and it helps detoxify the hair with the deep cleansing power of scrub. 

Benefits of fusio scrub

This scrub service provides plenty of benefits for hair and scalp-

  • It helps detoxify hair.
  • Offers a seasonal experience with essential oil.
  • You can choose essential oil to have a personalized experience.
  • The massage therapy leaves you relaxed and rejuvenated
  • Helps to avoid any product build up on your scalp.
  • Two types of scrub available based on your scalp and hair concern.
  • Avoid dirt, grime and bacteria to build up.

Types of fusio scrub

Ultimately, there are two types of fusio scrub available depending upon your scalp and hair health and concerns-

  1. Scrub Energisant– This scrub services are especially for oily scalp. This helps to deeply cleans the scalp and promotes hair texture. For oily scalp, it helps to control excess sebum secretion and reduces the oiliness of the scalp.
  1. Scrub Apaisant– This scrub service is initially for sensitive scalp which will hydrate and nourish the scalp without causing irritation and damaging hair cuticles. As well as removes dandruff and cleanse the scalp deeply.

Fusio scrub is known for its most relaxing in-salon service that deeply cleanses and rejuvenates the scalp, also removes deep impurities from hair and scalp.

This scalp scrub service can be done twice in a month on a regular basis. With regular sessions and therapies, your hair health will start improving and lift your spirits too. It is deep cleansing hair treatment and scrubbing that shouldn’t be done very often.

What does scalp scrub service include?

To begin the service, you will get a welcome massage. Once you are all comfortable, it’s the right time to sit back and experience the virtue of Aromatherapy massage at the backwash. After the massage, you will need to choose the Essential oil preferred one for the scrub to experience the fragrance of oils. After that, one of the professionals, apply the scrub on your scalp, massage, exfoliate and blow dry your to get ready. You are done!

Other than fusion scrub service, you can also avail Detox and deep Cleanse Ritual and Bespoke Hair and Scalp Ritual. 

What makes this scalp scrub service special?

Well, outside condition, exposing and products cause extreme damage to our hair. Fusio scrub deep cleanse, rejuvenates and dresses the scalp from impurities. The hair look after this treatment is pure volume and radiance. The hair specialist examines your hair with a zoom machine and notices oily and dry ends and scalp. Then they will recommend you the scrub and oil that would work best for you. Then they will massage it for you. Even after a week, you might not notice a dry scalp and have nourished your hair even after hair wash. 

This special experience makes it unique and different from others. Sounds interesting, right?

Bottom line

Hope you found this scalp service detail useful. Are you excited to experience getting a clean and clear scalp? Especially in summer, due to sweat and oil secretion, dirt and grime stick to the scalp. Therefore, it is necessary to avail the derivative of scalp exfoliation.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to trying out this, you can easily walk to any Vurve Signature Salon near you, or just simply make an on-line salon booking. With Zoylee app, India’s leading platform, you can easily find the salon near me who offers this service and get the online salon appointment according to your time.

This is the easiest and fastest way to experience any salon treatments from your comfort zone. So just go ahead, download the app and book your salon appointment now!


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