The Reality Of Male Infertility Treatment

The Reality Of Male Infertility Treatment

Some husbands who get erectile dysfunction due to fertility

When you are young, everyone thinks not to get pregnant. However, one day the idea suddenly reverses, and child-making begins. Many people think that they can do it without contraception, but after a while, they often have to rush to say they can’t.

It was defined as “infertility” when there was no sign of pregnancy for 2 years due to natural physical intercourse.

Many men think that if they can ejaculate, there is no problem for them. This is as big a mistake as a woman who thinks she can get pregnant while she has her period. Pregnancy depends on how healthy and active sperm are in the semen. It is said that the causes of infertility exist in the same proportion in both men and women.

Men’s infertility tests are less burdensome than women’s, so if you want a child in the future, it’s a good idea to have a semen test once when you’re young. If you’re diagnosed with azoospermia but there is a chance to have a child because if you find even one healthy sperm in your testicles, you have the option of microinsemination.

Recently, there are semen test kits that you can do at home using your smartphone. However, since they are simple tests, if you get any bad results after using them, you need to have a proper semen test at a specialized facility. The more you can treat while you are young, the more likely you will improve the situation.

In addition to semen tests, male infertility tests include palpation, ultrasonic examination of the scrotum, and measurement of hormone levels in the blood. Genetic testing may be required. Although medication may be selected based on the results of hormone tests, varicocele surgery Cenforce 150 and Fildena 150 to be the most effective treatment for ED.

Some husbands have erectile dysfunction due to fertility…

Even if there is no problem with sperm, the marital relationship often becomes jerky after starting fertility.

Biologically, men have the opportunity to become parents many times a year, but women only have the opportunity to become parents 12 times a year. Because of the difference, men can’t help but feel the disappointment they experience. Your pregnant wife will blame your husband fiercely, but if that continues, your husband will be almost 100% ED.

For example, if a semen test gives a good result, the wife may feel more responsible. Some husbands think about it and dare not report the good result to their wife.

On the other hand, it’s not hard to imagine that many men are reluctant to take the test, given the possibility of being confronted with the fact that they have their cause. So, after months and years of fertility treatment only by my wife, there are cases where my husband finally went to the hospital and Vilitra 20 and Vidalista 60 to solve a problem with him.

The couple will work together to raise and raise children. Even if there is a problem with either body, it is the couple who will overcome it. If only one of the couples has a problem, divorce, You could then have a child with another partner, and some couples would make that choice, but if you want two children, you shouldn’t have one in the end. I would like you to accept that there are some things, be considerate of each other, do your best to each other, and have a divorce that both of you can understand.

However, in vitro fertilization is performed with poor sperm quality. But the success rate remains low. I think we require being more aware that improving sperm quality can reduce the burden on women.


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