Super device for smart office

Super device for smart office

The idea of a super device for a smart office is something new. Huawei has announced that its innovative Super Device concept for the Smart Office will be implemented worldwide. It’s a brand-new solution that increases Huawei devices’ cross-device connectivity and collaboration.

By combining the brand’s two main capabilities:

Cross-Device Collaboration and Ecosystem Integration, the software-driven feature intends to empower customers with a digitally efficient work life experience.

Cross-device Collaboration combines several devices into a single experience, while ecosystem integration connects Windows and mobile platforms to boost creativity and improve communication efficiency using super device for smart office. The connection between PCs, smart phones, tablets, monitors, and smart TVs may be formed with a simple drag-and-drop using the Super Device interface accessible in the Control panel.

The Super Device is at the heart of the Smart Office

Given how many gadgets everyone today possesses, users sometimes find themselves navigating between diverse and fragmented ecosystems. Because no one device can meet all of a user’s everyday demands, Super Device allows devices to work together to provide a single unified experience. Cross-Device Collaboration allows devices to communicate with one another in a fluid and hassle-free manner. Huawei is preparing to break down inter-device barriers with the introduction of the Super Device, which will allow all compatible devices to function together as one.

 Another important element of the Huawei Mobile App Engine is ecosystem integration, which allows compatible Huawei laptops to run popular business and entertainment apps. The Pop-Up Pairing function allows Huawei PCs to quickly connect to the company’s wireless earbuds, speakers, Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, and printer, considerably improving the smart office experience.

The smartphone appears as an external drive in the PC after it is attached, allowing users to access smartphone files using the standard PC file system interface. The UI of the smartphone displays on the PC’s screen as well.

 Multi-Screen Collaboration allows you to access up to three mobile apps directly on your PC for smooth multitasking. Users can also access material on their phone from their PC using drag and drop.

Using drag-and-drop or basic copy-and-paste, a suitable tablet can also be linked to provide seamless file transfer and administration across the devices. For the PC + Tablet Super Device connection, there are three options. In Mirror Mode, the PC’s screen can be mirrored onto the tablet’s display, allowing content written or drawn on the MatePads to be displayed on the PC in real time. This is a valuable feature that allows users to take full advantage of professional design tools’ capabilities. The PC’s display is enlarged onto the tablet under Extend Mode, with separate material presented on each display. This transforms the tablet into a second screen for the PC, increasing productivity and screen real estate. In Collaborate Mode, the files on the tablet can be controlled directly from the PC. All of these are currently available on the HUAWEI MatePad in the UAE.


Super Device will provide users with a new level of productivity, simplicity, and technological experience. Prior Huawei PC models will be supported for Super Device capabilities in the near future, as long as users upgrade to the latest version of Huawei PC Manager.

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