Significance of Sapphire engagement rings

Significance of Sapphire engagement rings

Engagement rings hold a lot of value because of the event they symbolize. Proposing someone for marriage and committing to getting married is a big deal. This is why a lot of thought goes into buying or custom-creating an engagement ring. Prince Harry had used his mother’s diamonds to specially create an engagement ring for Meghan Markle because he wanted to make it one of a kind. The diamonds held emotional value for Harry and Meghan was special to him. Similarly, Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with a sapphire ring, again which was his mother’s. Sapphire rings for engagement are quite popular.

Why do people choose sapphire engagement rings?

  • Sapphires are quite durable and hard along with being rich in meaning and symbolism.
  • The stones represent sincerity, faithfulness and virtue – crucial qualities in a marriage.
  • Royals historically believed that sapphires broughtspiritual insight, good fortune and protection, along with being a symbol of kindness, wise judgement, power and strength.

History of sapphire engagement rings

The Romans used engagement rings first to signal the intention of the groom. The tradition of a sapphire engagement ring arose in the medieval era when there was a mandatory waiting period between betrothal and marriage. It was also believed that a sapphire’s color would fade or change if it was worn by an untruthful or impure person. The wives of the crusaders were tested with these stones when their husbands returned from campaigns.

A lot of stones became popular and were used in engagement rings – sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. Sapphires were favored because they were believed to symbolize commitment truth and romantic love too. You can find a variety of Sapphire diamonds at the Hatton Garden Jewellers.

What are blue sapphires?

Blue sapphires are a valuable and popular gemstone from the corundum mineral family. It is the second hardest mineral after diamonds. While sapphires come in many colors, blue is the most common color and the most sought after as well. When one is buying blue sapphires, these are the things that one needs to look for.


A “true” blue sapphire is the one that is most in-demand and the highest in price. The blue colour can range from cornflower blue to blue with hints of purple and green. If the stone has hints of green or purple then it is lower in cost. Sapphires aren’t graded for color against a standard, but a stone with the royal blue color will be more in demand and hence expensive.


All sapphires have inclusions known as rutile needles and hence it’s quite uncommon to find a flawless sapphire. The majority are also treated with heat for better colour and clarity. Inclusions are not much of a problem in sapphires and if they are eye-clean or have no obvious inclusions, or are not visible to the naked eye, it is considered a good stone.


Sapphires don’t have any standard cuts, unlike diamonds. Diamonds have well-known cuts like Asscher, cushion, or princess cut, but not sapphires. For the best look, blue sapphires must be cut symmetrically while reflecting light at the right angles. The popular types of cuts used for sapphires are emerald, round cushion, and oval.

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Carat weight Just like diamonds, sapphires also come in various carat weights. These stones are heavier than diamonds – one carat of sapphire will be smaller than a diamond of the same carat.  Hence, it is important to check the size and weightage of the stone before buying jewelry like wedding rings hatton garden.

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