New iPad Mini Pro launches in mid-2021 (Apple March event 2021).

New iPad Mini Pro launches in mid-2021 (Apple March event 2021).

There has been a lot of speculation about a possible March incident from Apple. Some rumors said a few weeks ago that it would be held on 16 March. But he was quickly shot down by the Germans marking Bloomberg.

However, he did not dismiss the idea of ​​a March incident in general. It will not happen on 16 March. If an event happens this month, recent trends suggest that it will probably be centered around the iPad.

Last year Apple actually released a new one with the new Magic Keyboard as well as a newly released keyboard, this time there have been some long-rumored rumors that Apple may release a sixth-generation iPad Mini as of this March. And another rumor that is gaining a lot of traction.

Recently Apple is planning an iPad mini pro or ipad pro mini uh but whatever the name, unfortunately. It is expected to be launched later this year.

New iPad Mini Pro Apple March Event 2021

According to a post on a Korean blog whose rumored track record is well unknown, the device has an 8.7-inch display. Which is placed in an increased width and lower height body compared to the current iPad Mini 5.

Now I think the design in my mind is going to look like the current iPad Air and iPad Pro models with slimmer bezels which are edge-to-edge screen designs. And although his iPad Pro may look like it is possible in the name that we can see Face ID on Touch ID like a breeze.

But this is just my own speculation, there have also been other rumors about this redesigned iPad mini from apple analyst Ming Chi, who said that the next generation iPad mini will in fact have a larger display of around 8.5 to 9 inches.

So this rumor we’ve heard means a lot and it makes sense that a bezel-free design without a home button can actually help increase that screen size without making a huge difference in the form factor.

Unfortunately, more reliable rumors point to it being higher after its release in late 2021. So the iPad mini which was rumored earlier this year or potentially looks more refreshing than some within the next few weeks. A redesign.

So it is safe to expect chin bezels below that same huge top forehead. You know a home button with Touch ID and Lightning port for at least the sixth generation.

Oh yes, we should probably say some new iPad pros as well who are going towards a smaller mini version with an all new focus yet. We forgot about the big boys and it is possible that the next iPad pros could come with the long-rumored mini LED display.

The 5G connectivity now leads the Mini for those of you who can’t remember which offers impressive contrasting color gamut performance high contrast. And HDR and local dimming dim the backlight behind the black areas of the screen, while keeping bright parts lit for truer black. The better contrast also hopes that it will be even more powerful.

Bloomberg’s Mark German said that this year’s chip could be on par with the M1 chip in terms of performance.

We saw in the latest Max, which is fast crazy for an iPad that is already very fast crazy. It is certainly more than capable of handling the final cut or argument pro. So maybe this year we can finally get an iPad version of those apps. However, I am not holding my breath and I never let this dream come true.

I know that there are many of you who really want this to happen. The only thing I can’t fix is ​​the last thing we can see in the end. And I swear that bringing Air Tag to the latest beta of iOS 14.5 is not some long-running joke.

A new item tab is available in Beta 3 to keep an eye on Beat headphones or third-party accessories. It has long been rumored that new air tags can be managed in this item tab.

So if there is ever time to leave these people, then suppose that the March event would be a good time or ever really forever.

I think if you want to know my thoughts then people have stopped taking care of them. I am only guessing here, I am guessing that there will be no incident yet.

Ground level

I think a mini-LED iPad is definitely event-worthy, but I could only see Apple again through a press release, just a way to make a silent upgrade to the iPad mini There is nothing worthy. And then just announced the aerial tag via press release.

But I love to know your views on an event that I really like to see an event that we need some excitement these days. I would love to know your thoughts, which I have mentioned in the comments below. Thanks for reading


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