Ayurveda: Traditional Indian medicine That Has its Methods for Better Sleep

Ayurveda: Traditional Indian medicine That Has its Methods for Better Sleep

Have you ever noticed that you have difficulty getting enough sleep when something particularly troubling is going on in your life? Perhaps you are looking for a new job, or you are overthinking and stressing that if you hire network talent, they won’t stay focused on their work, or whatever it is that is causing you stress, you have come to the right place.

While it is feasible to slow down our pace of life, changes in our routines and schedules can impact the quantity and quality of our daily sleep to a greater or lesser extent depending on the situation.

Stress can be a significant issue, but numerous approaches can improve sleep patterns and reduce stress. Such an approach is using Ayurveda. What makes it so appealing is that it can aid in the prevention of disease, the promotion of longevity, and the healing process through diet, emotional work, and a healthy lifestyle, as well as the use of medicinal plants, yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, massage with oil blends, and even sounds or colours.

The ancient Indian medical system of Ayurveda considers sleep one of the “Three Pillars of Life,” which means it is the foundation of good health.

Organize your day

It would be the most important of all if, during the course of your day, chaos invades your life; you do not expect that at night you would have profound and pleasurable sleep. Plan your time, create schedules, establish a routine, prepare meals at the same time every day, make lists of the tasks you need to complete, manage your limits, listen to your body as far it can go and respect it, try to find some stillness during the day, connect with your breath, connect with your body, connect with your presence. The night is a continuation of your daily condition; the same energy that you are experiencing throughout the day will be the same energy that reveals itself in you during the evening.

Healthy food

If you do not take Ayurveda seriously, it will not help you sleep better at night. A diet consisting of a substantial breakfast, a substantial intermediate meal, and a small dinner will be healthy to the body and aid in sleeping. Finally, a daily exercise table as well as being in continual motion will be beneficial.

According to Ayurvedic principles, you should eat when the sun is shining. Lunch is the most important meal in this field of study (from 10 am to 2 pm). When the sun is at its highest point, your internal fire is at its highest point, and your digestion is at its best moment as well.

Dinner, on the other hand, should be served before dusk. This meal should be light and easy to digest, consisting primarily of vegetables and prepared grains that are easy to digest. Keep an eye on your body’s signals and, most importantly, take the time to sit down and have your meal, even if it is only for 20 minutes.


As soon as you arrive home after working, pick up the kids from school, or pick them up, begin by silencing or turning off any electronic devices. Relax and think about completing a few yoga asanas to clear your head. They are the most effective method of calming the mind, and the activity is suitable for people of all body kinds and ages.

Asanas help maintain a healthy balance between the three doshas, tone the muscles and refresh our bodies. Following the asanas, engaging in pranayama (an Ayurvedic breathing technique) and meditation is beneficial to unwind. The practice of pranayama and meditation helps to balance all of the doshas, particularly Vata. Meditating for approximately twenty minutes is a beautiful way to begin and end the day.

Enjoy leisure time

Take a walk, read a book, listen to peaceful music, draw or colour, watch a lighter movie, etc., after dinner for low-work and enjoyable activities. You may find yourself stressed out after using computers, social media or viewing the news.

Melatonin, our sleep-inducing hormone, and our body’s stress hormone, cortisol, are antithetical to one another. Melatonin production drops as cortisol levels rise, making it difficult to fall and stay asleep at night.

Dim the lights as much as possible to replicate the natural environment. Melatonin production is disrupted when there is too much artificial light at night. To keep our blood sugar and blood pressure levels in check, melatonin performs a vital role in our bodies.

Connect with yourself

Create a particular time during your last few minutes of the day to reconnect with yourself. An excellent method to do this is to write some pleasant messages in a notebook and then read them out to yourself to remind yourself of them.


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