IGTOK – It’s alternatives and how it helps your Instagram and TikTok profile

IGTOK – It’s alternatives and how it helps your Instagram and TikTok profile

For the Instagram and TikTok users who wants to build a solid and significant amount of follower base on the platforms, IGTOK acts as a blessing. It is an internet tool that helps users collect followers on both platforms. IGTOK claims to bring real social media profiles as followers, which means fake profiles or bot profiles are not following your profile on Instagram or TikTok. The site offers comprehensive options to visitors.

If you are looking for Instagram followers from IGTOK, your options are:

  • Free Likes and Follows
  • Profile and Video views for free
  • Free Story views or IGTV views

IGTOK Packages

IGTOK brings various packages to the table, with good quality of services. The site doesn’t require a password. The site not only has multiple payment options but also accept Bitcoin and Western union payment. The packages are one of the interesting features of this site because it is flexible – ready to meet any kind of budget from $3-$100. In this packages, the site offers packages for Instagram, TikTok and Facebook for likes and views.

If you have been looking for websites that provide similar services to IGTOK packages or prices, here are some of the alternatives:

Follower packages

Follower packages have been helping its customers like Instagram profile owners to increase their follower count, and gain significant visibility. This business has worked with clients that are fashion bloggers, musicians, fitness enthusiasts, cooks, etc. Many brands and enterprises rely on their service and review their services as trustable and exceptional.

Followerpackages is a business that operates on 100% transparency. Since the first day of their business, and along with bringing followers to your social media profile. They also offer engagement. The best part of their business is. However, that their engagement and follower count increasing method is fully organic without any illegal methods. An organic and legal method ensures the authenticity of a social media profile.


Viralyft is another alternative of IGTOK. That is considered one of the best places to buy followers for social media profiles. Viralyft brings some of the most unique and necessary features to the market. For which they are becoming one of the leading providers of social media growth services.

There are no fake profiles associated with this business, as Viralyft connects you with all the verified Instagram profiles.

Viralyft also connects you with profiles that are relevant to what your profile is about – for example. If you have a business profile of a food recipe or cooking. Then your followers will be people who are food lovers or enthusiasts.

Viralyft is also preferred often because of its competitive prices. Which starts at as low as $3, which can give you as much as 100 Instagram followers. A fast turnaround time and high retention rate are two of the factors. That make it worth every penny of this service.


A huge following and high engagement in the social media profile. Is not always a result of consistent content and years of profile existence. Often small businesses that want to start a business online, can really do it with a 10-20 follower count. Such business needs services like IGTOK. For more such informative posts, check out the other categories on dekumeaning.com


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