How to Find a Large Variety of Feminized Seeds Online

How to Find a Large Variety of Feminized Seeds Online

Individuals new to cannabis cultivation should buy feminized seeds. The seeds only produce female plants, so the grower won’t need to weed out the male plants before they pollinate the females. The resulting harvest produces dense, sticky buds users will love. As a result, the grower sees a better return on investment. 

How Are Feminized Seeds Created? 

Growers often breed seeds to develop new strains. In addition, the breeding process plays a role in the creation of feminized seeds sold at To accomplish this, the grower breeds two-female dominant plants together. A marijuana plant compromises both male and female characteristics, and each plant may produce flowers of either sex. The growing conditions dictate which sex a plant will be. When a breeder wishes to eliminate male chromosomes, they interrupt a female plant’s light cycle until pollen sacs emerge. They use the pollen to fertilize a separate female plant. 

The breeder repeats this process until the male portions of the plant disappear. Any plants grown from the seeds are then female. When breeders first began using this technique, they encountered problems with hermaphrodites. However, they have overcome these challenges and now produce feminized seeds consistently with the use of colloidal silver or gibberellic acid. Buyers feel confident purchasing these seeds, as they know the seeds won’t produce male plants. 

The Benefits of Feminized Seeds

Cannabis growers often choose feminized seeds to reduce their workload. As they don’t need to prune and maintain male plants that they will later discard, they spend less time cultivating the marijuana. Every plant they grow will produce cannabis, and they no longer need to worry about a male plant pollinating female plants unintentionally. They see a higher yield as a result. 

In addition, growers find they make better use of the growing space when they only grow female plants. They need less space to see the same yield, as they aren’t discarding much of the crop. Feminized seeds may be used to make mother plants, and growers find the products remain uniform even when they produce on a large scale. If purchased from a reputable supplier, feminized seeds rarely produce hermaphrodites

Finding A Large Variety of Feminized Seeds Online

When purchasing seeds online, growers need to find a reputable supplier to work with. While comparing suppliers, learn whether variety packs are offered. Some suppliers bundle feminized seeds together. The grower purchases this pack and tries the strains included. However, some growers want other options, as they don’t like the selection of strains found in these packs. It never hurts to buy these packs occasionally, as they may contain new strains a grower hasn’t tried. This serves as an excellent way to discover new favorites. 

Another way to find a large variety of feminized seeds online is to find a supplier that sells small quantities of seeds. For example, one supplier may sell seeds in five packs, while another seller requires the buyer to purchase seeds in quantities of ten. Work with the suppliers with the smaller minimum and purchase different strains. Include at least one new strain with each order to see if it meets your needs. 

Feminized seeds remain the preferred choice of many growers. When buying these seeds, consider trying new varieties. However, always purchase from a reputable supplier to ensure you get seeds that won’t produce males, as male plants could ruin the crop. No grower wants this to happen after they have invested money in feminized seeds. For this reason, the choice of supplier remains critical to success. 


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