Hangover Cure: 6 Effective Treatments 

Hangover Cure: 6 Effective Treatments 

Celebrations call for never-ending food, bustling music, and top-notch drinks. Almost everyone likes to mix and match various drinks while experimenting with the food at a party. But, the after-effects of heavy drinking may result in an array of frustrating symptoms. Hangover lead to different signs and symptoms according to the quantity of drinking.  

Also, you may go through sudden bouts of nausea, headache, and anxiety issues the following day. With the proper techniques and moderate drinking, you can prevent uneasy feelings the next day. Here are some tried and tested ways to keep hangover issues at bay after partying.  

Stay Hydrated  

One of the significant causes of hangover issues is lack of adequate hydration and electrolyte imbalance. If you’re about to head out for a party, you must drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated. This is because alcohol is a diuretic that increases the production of urine. On top of this, the vomiting and nausea episodes can cause a further decline in the total water content of your body. Such factors contribute to symptoms like headache, vomiting, and fatigue the next day.  

Hence, you need to drink enough water before and after heading to bed. If you’re wondering why water helps with hangovers, then the effects lie in hydrating your vital organs. It helps replenish the water content and might compensate for the fluid loss due to alcohol.  

Try to alternate your drinks with a glass of water to keep the hangover away. It will help you control hangovers, but it may also reduce the quantity of alcohol you consume.  

Try Ginseng 


Another standard herbal extract that can lower the signs of a hangover in no time is ginseng. While the herbal part possesses the ability to tackle health issues like asthma, it may relieve your hangover symptoms as well. One of the strains, i.e., Siberian ginseng, reduces nausea, vomiting, and headache. Also, It helps in managing electrolyte imbalance and is excellent for your gut health. When it comes to using ginseng, there are multiple ways. You can eat the fresh root extracts raw or soften them by cooking for a few minutes.  

Other than this, you may get the herbal capsules or tinctures available in the market. Add the herb to your soups and dishes for a delicious yet therapeutic effect on hangover symptoms.  

Get Proper Rest  

Did you know that alcohol affects the quality and duration of your sleep? If you wish to prevent the signs of a hangover, you must aim to get at least 8 hours of restful sleep. For all chronic alcoholics, the drinking sessions may disrupt the release of melatonin and hinder recovery. Further, lack of adequate sleep promotes hangover symptoms and inhibits the recovery mechanisms. It enables the signs like headache, irritability, and fatigue the following day. Such symptoms, when combined with gastric disturbances, such symptoms make your hangover even worse. Keeping this in mind, try to get the right amount of sleep after your drinking sessions.  

Korean Pear Juice  

Specific remedies are the classic hangover-relievers, and Korean pear juice is one. The remedy works best when drunk before you begin the alcohol drinking sessions. Also, the Korean pear contains constituents that help break down the enzymes in alcohol faster. It transforms your hangover into lighter and more bearable ones in no time. The remedy can reduce your blood alcohol levels and decline the after-effects of the same. Get your share of Korean pear juice right away to manage hangovers.  

Try Phyllanthus Amarus  


Like other herbal remedies, Phyllanthus amarus is yet another herb that can help control hangovers. The herb works by interacting with the liver enzymes that regulate alcohol assimilation and digestion. Also, herbal constituents may protect your liver from the oxidative distress that follows every drinking session. You can try the herbal extracts or prepare your DIY recipes containing the same. Either way, the herb is great at managing mild to moderate hangovers and nausea issues. With a considerable reduction in the levels of free radicals, it promotes recovery pathways.  

Eat Some Ginger  

Almost everybody goes through the signs of a hangover after a night full of drinking and dancing. But, not many people make exemplary efforts to control their hangovers and ease the stress. You can try consuming some ginger or adding it to your favorite drinks whenever a hangover strikes. This is because ginger can control hangovers through gastric regulation. It reduces the symptoms of nausea, indigestion, and vomiting up to a great extent. Also, the herbal extract is relatively easy to add to your morning drinks or tea recipes. Consider ginger the next time you experience the symptoms of a hangover and manage it right away.  

Final Words 

Enjoying a fun night with your close friends may be incomplete without the right alcoholic drinks. But, many people experience daunting issues like hangovers the next day. If you’re one of the people tormented by the signs of hangovers, then it’s about time you take the right initiatives to manage it. Start with hydrating your body even while drinking alcohol. You can do this by alternating every drinking glass with some water.  

Further, you can try the herbs like Phyllanthus, ginger, and Korean pear juices for the same. Grab the remedy that works best for you and get proper rest after the drinking sessions.  

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