Google to open its first physical retail store in the New York City

Google to open its first physical retail store in the New York City

Google is ready to launch its first actual retail Google Store in New York City, which will be its first physical retail Google Store.

Located in Chelsea, the new Googlecom store will be a part of Google’s campus in the neighborhood (the company’s New York offices are already located in the region). In addition to Pixelbooks, Pixel phones, Fitbit trackers, Nest smart home gadgets, and other Google items, the Google Store will display and sell various other Google products. Customers will also place orders for things through Google’s online stores and then pick them up in person at a Google Store location near where they live.

Google has already experimented with temporary pop-up stores and booths to sell its products. Still, the news of a permanent retail location signifies a far more serious commitment to building a physical location.

Is this really Google’s first attempt?

Google has dabbled in retail in the past, setting up small pop-up shops where consumers could check out the latest products as soon as they were revealed. However, the company has depended on its website and other shops to sell its gear and services. This indicates that Google is gradually moving toward a more Apple-like strategy. It establishes a venue where consumers can come in to try its goods and receive assistance.

It may also benefit Google if it continues to create stores because the company hasn’t provided many opportunities for buyers to try its items before purchasing them outside of experience tiny shops in places like Best Buy.

Does the Apple Store inspire Googlecom Store?

The new Googlecom Store will be similar to an Apple Store where it will demonstrate how Google’s products work together, provide in-store experts to assist with troubleshooting problems, assist with setups, work on repairs, and host how-to workshops to help customers get the most out of Google’s products and services.

The Google Store will also provide technical support for the company’s devices, such as replacing damaged phone displays.

COVID-19 Measures at the Googlecom Store

The company also states that while the new store will allow customers to try out its products, the company will still take measures due to the current COVID-19 epidemic when the store first opens its doors. Those steps include restricting the number of consumers allowed into the store, cleaning the store regularly, and ensuring that guests wear masks, maintaining social distance from one another, and using hand sanitizer while they are in the store.

Google has not announced whether it will grow beyond the single site, but if the Chelsea store is a success, it will likely be the first of many similar stores across the country.

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