Earring Trends of 2021 That Kept the Market Buzzing for all the Right Reasons

Earring Trends of 2021 That Kept the Market Buzzing for all the Right Reasons

As 2021 is approaching its end, the earring trends it brought along are still on the rise. This year is filled with timeless classic earring trends that have won people’s hearts, and there is no sign of it slowing down. If an earring is a staple in your jewellery stash, you have to check out all the latest earring trends of 2021 that are expected to make their way in the coming years too. So let’s go through a mid-year recap of the 2021 earring trends shared below:

Modern Pearl Earrings

The timeless beauty of pearls can mesmerize anyone. This year witnessed the growing popularity of pearl earrings that came with modern upgrades. For example, pearl earrings in unique shapes, a touch of interesting accent, intricate metalwork, and a splash of vibrant colors were dominant right from the start.

But it doesn’t mean the classic, simple pearl earrings took a backseat. Both these variations were loved by people, and the trend is expected to continue. If you love donning statement looks, try pairing modern pearl earrings with stellar solitaire pendants for a magnificent look. You can check here the latest solitaire pendant designs that perfectly compliment pearl earrings.

Sculptural Earrings

The craze for metal earrings with sculptural silhouettes was clearly visible among teens and young adults. Earrings featuring eye-catchy fun geometric shapes turned out to be the best outfit maker this season. These earrings look simple yet exude a sophisticated and classic look. You can pair sculptural earrings with almost any outfit without worrying about the outcome. The sleek design, finish, and quality of sculptural earrings make it a must-have for every earring lover.

Tube Hoop Earrings

Don’t confuse the all-time favorite hoop earrings with these chunkier tube-style hoop earrings. The very look of tube hoop earrings may make it look heavy, but it is very light to wear. These simple tube hoop earrings have also received a “yes” from celebrities, including the likes of Jennifer Lopez, as they were seen wearing these at various events. You can pair tube hoop earrings with any casual outfit. The heavy appearance of tube hoop earrings tends to draw a lot of attention, making heads turn wherever you go. If you love stylish and funky earrings, you have to get a pair of tube hoop earrings.

Colorful Statement Earrings

If you’re bored of the mainstream earrings, the gaining trend of colorful statement earrings will make you happy. Those who want to add a pop of color to the usual attires should get their hands on some colorful statement earrings. The best part of these earrings is you can get these in different styles. So if you’re a fan of beautiful shoulder-duster earrings or J-Hoops, you can get colored statement earrings in all these styles. If you want something unique in this range, consider getting diamond earrings with a colored gemstone at the center. You might want to check out designs to make a quick decision.

Besides these top trends, the year 2021 also noticed the growing popularity of celestial earrings and double hoops. The best part of the earring types mentioned above is they’re super easy to mix and match with other jewelry pieces, so make sure you get them today.


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