Can You Bite With Dental Implants?

Can You Bite With Dental Implants?

Living is very challenging as it is, and living with a missing tooth does not make things any easier. Over the years, medical science has come a long way, and today there are treatments available to fix you up with a replacement for a missing tooth. These replacements are called dental implants, and they have transformed the lives of many. 

Visit any Medford dentist, and you can check out the wide range of dental treatments currently available in the market. But there are still many doubts among many about getting dental implants. One of those common doubts is if dental implants make it challenging to bite. But does it? Continue reading to find out.   

But First, Why Should You Consider Getting Dental Implants?

There are many advantages of getting yourself fixed with a dental implant. Some of the advantages that stand out here include:

  • Implants Help You Avoid Jawbone Deterioration: Tooth loss robs your jawbone of important stimulation. When these things occur, they begin to deteriorate over time. This leads to problems with appearance as well as your oral health. In addition, it offers short-term benefits, and implant placement and restoration provide long-term support by sustaining the jawbone. Doing this stimulates the bone when you bite and chew anything. 
  • Dental Implants Can Last A Lifetime: If you have a missing tooth, the best option is dental implants. Dental implants are a natural alternative for your teeth, allowing you to eat and drink almost anything without hesitation. Getting dental implants, Medford, your chewing power is restored optimally. You don’t get this with a conventional denture, but implants allow you to brush and floss like a normal tooth. 
  • Looks Like A Natural Tooth: A dental implant is permanent and looks like a natural tooth. It does not have to be removed from the mouth, so your facial appearance and smile remain intact in every way. The missing teeth leave gaps, and the neighboring teeth can be shifted in those gaps. The person is not able to chew properly as the bite is poorly aligned now. To avoid such problems in the future, the best solution is dental implant treatment.  

What Can You Eat After Getting Implants?

Dental implants are great, but that does not mean you can eat anything right after you get the implants. You must stick to soft food items during your recovery stages after getting the implants. This will give your jaw and mouth the much-needed opportunity and time to begin healing. 

It is further recommended that you keep your distance from sticky and hard food items as they can adversely impact the overall recovery process. This is only for a short period of time because after you recover from the impact of the dental implant on your mouth, you can eat and drink almost anything you want.     

Chances are that before getting the implants, you have been avoiding many food items. But once you have the implants, you can again live a pleasurable life and eat whatever you desire. These implants are ideally designed to mimic the function of a natural tooth. Besides, you need not worry about the implant falling out or anything. 

Thus, it would be completely fair to say that dental implants can help you chew and bite just as you would do as a kid. But of course, it is recommended you do not chew and bite like an adult because nobody wants to see that unpleasant picture. You can also shape and shade your teeth implants Medford to complement the rest of your teeth.   

In Conclusion

So to conclude, one can confidently say that dental implants are the right choice for everyone out there with a missing tooth. Just a couple of days pass after the treatment, and you can chew and bite almost anything you would with your natural set of teeth. So get in touch with our dental implant specialist Medford and fix yourself with the right implant.   


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