Best Quartz watches for the class lovers

Best Quartz watches for the class lovers

It’s past time for us to recognize that quartz watches were our genuine entry point into the world of exquisite watchmaking (unless you were born with a golden spoon, that is). Most likely, your first watch was a Seiko quartz watches, and it, like your first automobile, demanded respect. Battery-powered watches have no limits when it comes to adding wonderful complexity and excellent build quality for an inexpensive price, and I believe we can all agree that quartz technology was a gift to us.

T-Sport V8 Chronograph

This Tissot quartz chronograph, built in Switzerland, takes the top rank on our list. Tissot is a fantastic brand with a fantastic reputation, and the V8 is something they should be quite proud of. A stylish and sophisticated chronograph with a distinctive green Tachymeter scale, three Chrono registers, and a sumptuous strap that combine to make this watch one of the best-looking chronographs on the market for a fraction of the cost!

Rado Centrix

For millions of people, the ‘first Swiss watch’ is also the most searched watch on the internet. Every Rado aficionado’s first choice has always been the ‘black and gold’ Centrix. This watch’s unfazed-minimalistic design, constructed of ceramic, is appropriate for both formal and informal use. Furthermore, it is exceptionally lightweight and comfy.

Bold Movado

Before you roll your eyes and start Googling “Movado,” keep in mind that the vast majority of their watches are quartz, they have the second-largest share of the US watch market (after Rolex), and they are also our Prime Minister’s (Mr. Narendra Modi) preferred brand! Though the firm offers many other expensive models, the Bold stands out because it provides everything you might want from the brand for a fraction of the price!

Gravitymaster Casio G-Shock

There are quartz watches and G-shock watches in the realm of battery-powered timepieces. Shock Resistant World Timer with a 10-Year Guarantee, Annual Calendar, Digital Compass Is there anything else you could want at 11,995 rupees? For this reason, the G-Shock has been a game-changer, and the Gravitymaster is by far their greatest and most popular watch in recent years.

Formula 1 TAG Heuer

The legendary Formula 1 is the ideal quartz companion if you find yourself behind the wheel, flying past your opponents, and driving across the finish line. This watch is nostalgia-done perfectly, as it is modeled after a famous Formula 1 timepiece from the past. The Formula 1 isn’t cheap, at little under Rs 94,900, but if the track is your second home and you’ve always wanted to buy a TAG Heuer, it’s probably worth it.

Raymond Weil Tango 300

Sports watches are designed to be comfortable, which is why they can be worn every day. Raymond Weil’s Tango is unparalleled in the world of quartz clocks. With its exceptionally accurate Swiss-made quartz chronograph, the “versatile chronograph” promises to never let its user down beneath the water (as deep as 300m) or on the racetrack. If you have this, you’re set for life. Shop for these Quartz watches and flaunt your purchase.

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