6 Most Recommended Financial Management Applications for Business

6 Most Recommended Financial Management Applications for Business

Anything related to business, there must be finances that go in and out of your pocket. Therefore, it is important for you to be able to manage your finances so you don’t lose. To help you out, we recommend that you try using a financial management app for business.

What are the best apps for managing finances? What are the advantages of using this financial application? Is it safe enough if the financial application is often used?

Let’s explore the various applications for business management only in the following explanation.

1. Money Lover

The Money Lover app is a financial app that you can use for free or for a fee. This application displays some good features, including cash in & out reports, monthly financial reports, to budgeting to help you plan a financial budget in business. If you want more sophisticated financial features, then try using paid app features.

2. Business Friends

Are you a businessman? If yes, then this financial bookkeeping application is one of the most recommended for you. The reason is, this application has several advantages, including:

a. Can help you in making a business plan that is adapted to SAK EMKM (MSME Financial Accounting Standards).

b. Can record finances, such as capital expenditures, income, accounts payable calculations, company investments, as well as record profit and loss calculations when managing a business.

c. Can print invoices and receipts which are proof of transactions for your customers.

d. Can assist in financial statement analysis and financial evaluation in managing a business.

3. Moota

The next recommended financial application for business people is Moota. Some of the cool features offered in this application, including:

a. Ease of exporting data.

b. Checking financial transactions that occur at the bank.

c. There is an automatic notification when your funds come in.

d. Can make transaction mutations connected to your e-banking account.

4. Mint

If you want a simple and practical application, then the Mint finance application is the right choice. One of the attractions of this application is the ease of using a variety of financial activities in just one account. Here are some advantages when using this application:

a. Financial reports are displayed in attractive visuals in the form of charts and graphs. This display will make it easier for you to read and analyze funds in and out of the business.

b. Able to help you to arrange certain bill payments before the due date.

5. Wallets

The Wallet application can also be tried as an application to help you manage finances in your business. You can try both free and paid features of this app. However, if you use the free version the financial features are less. As for some of the advantages that you can feel from this application, namely:

a. Can be connected to an e-wallet or bank account.

b. Able to display financial graphs so that they can do a better financial evaluation.

6. My finances

Do you want to use a business financial recorder application that already has the CFP feature? If you want, then this app is most suitable for you. Yes, CFP is a Certified Financial Planner who can help you plan and manage your finances. In addition, this application can also link my Finansialku account with a bank account number so that the funds in the bank can also be managed as well as possible.
Well, those are some financial management applications for businesses. Please choose the application that you think is the easiest to use. That way, all your financial data can be recorded so that the risk of loss in business can be minimized. For more information, read here.

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