6 Characteristics of A Good Video Maker for eCommerce

6 Characteristics of A Good Video Maker for eCommerce

With around 20% of global retail sales coming from e-commerce, and growing fast, according to Statista, you need to get your online sales in order. The good news is that it’s totally trouble-free to  promote your e-commerce with an online video editor. Check out this website to see just how easy it is to make high quality videos about your product.

Top 6 Traits for your Online Video Editor

Clearly, you’ll need to make sure that your portal has all the right e-commerce links and buttons. Regardless, they won’t then magically press themselves into sales. You need to influence your viewers’ buying decisions so that they stick with you to the end and actually make a purchase. One of the most powerful ways to do this is to make a video with your online video editor. To get you started, here are the key traits to look out for when you choose one:

1- Exceptional Demo Templates

Any good video editor has a large library of templates for you to use as a baseline when making a free video. Of course you can then easily drag and drop your own content into the template although, at least you have something to start with. This is especially handy for your first video because you can follow the structure and style of your preferred template. With that in mind, you might want to look up demo video templates. These are a powerful way to boost your e-commerce sales because they help people imagine your product in their lives.

Clearly, there’s a practical side to showing how your product functions. Nevertheless, let the templates inspire you with their colors, music and animations to boost your engagement with potential buyers.

2- Flexible File Format and Size for all Social Media

When video editing, you’ll soon discover that there are different file formats for the various social media platforms. Luckily though, most video editors will automatically download into your chosen platform so you don’t have to worry too much. It’s worth bearing in mind though as you decide which video editor to work with though and which social media platform it’s more suitable for.

3- Special Effects and Easy Transitions

You don’t want to go overboard with features when video editing such that they become a distraction. Having said that, they can be a fun thing to add when you make a video. Overall, they can further enhance the overall mood you’re trying to convey. 

Another point to add when designing a video online is that you might want to play around with transitions. This is particularly applicable if you have your own content to drag and drop into video templates. Generally, a video editor will allow you to cut or fade in and out at the basic level. You might then get more advanced features with more professional editing options. Although, this might only apply if and when you decide to move forward with more technical video creation.

4- Easy Drag and Drop

It’s actually not just about the drag and drop functionality but also about the overall look and feel of the software interface. As you look through the various video editors out there, you’ll soon see the difference in the images of their dashboards. Some will call out to you and others will seem too daunting. Unless you’re a professional, you’re more likely to want something intuitive though. In that case, a good indicator is whether a video editor has a free basic option. This is because these are usually designed to be easy to use when you edit videos.

5- Smart Editor

Some video editors are getting very smart and even bringing in Artificial Intelligence technology. They then provide you with guided templates where you only need to pick a style of video and answer some questions about your goals for your video clips. The smart editor does the rest for you. Whilst this might sound appealing because of its simplicity, don’t forget the power of also showcasing your own product by customizing templates directly.

6- Quality Music and Audio Library

When you create videos, you should always consider sound if you want a high quality output. This includes making your videos work for sound that’s both on and off. These days Facebook has made it so that all videos automatically start playing in mute mode. Either way, you’ll still need to get the audio to work for those who do listen to sound. Therefore, make sure the overall audio balances well with the subtitles and any background text.

Parting Words on a Good Online Video Maker for e-Commerce 

When choosing your perfect video editor, take an initial step back to think about what type of video will promote your product and boost your sales. Essentially, you want people to be engaged and connected to your brand through your video. Therefore, the perfect blend of product visuals, effects and audio from your online video editor can work wonders on your audience and hence your e-commerce sales.


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